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Clean+easy patented roll-on systems are used in salons and spas worldwide and are proven to be among the most efficient and economical waxing systems available. Established as a leading manufacturer of high quality waxing products and treatment lotions, hair removal has never been so clean+easy!

Clean+easy offers a complete line of professional waxing products, including roll-on systems, pot wax systems, and pre-wax treatments.

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Clean + Easy Clean-Up Surface Spray Cleanser

Purpose: Removes grease, oils, and wax residue from carpets, floors, and upholstery. It also removes chewing gum and pencil and crayon marks.

Price: $10.99


Clean + Easy "Remove" After Wax Cleansing Gel / 16oz

Purpose: Removes wax residue from skin. Also excellent for removing wax from roller heads and clean + easy® equipment.

Price: $10.99


Clean + Easy Digital Paraffin Spa / Peach Paraffin

Purpose: The extra-large paraffin reservoir ensures complete comfort for hands, wrists, elbows, and feet while the slanted grid helps keep paraffin free of debris.

Price: $150.00


Clean + Easy Original Wax / Refill

Price From: $13.50 - $51.95


Clean + Easy Sensitive Wax / Refill

Price From: $12.00 - $51.95


Clean + Easy Cleanse / 16oz

Purpose: Used to cleanse the skin of makeup, oils, and perspiration before waxing.

Price: $10.99


Clean + Easy Wax / Original / 14oz

Perfect for all areas of the body.

Price: $13.95


Clean + Easy Wax / Sensitive / 14oz

Perfect for clients with sensitive skin.

Price: $13.95


Clean + Easy Full Service Kit


Price: $219.95


Clean + Easy Single Wax Heater

Purpose: Great for small rooms or it is portable enough to go on the road for school use or for home client care.

Price: $55.50


Clean + Easy "Soothe" Soothing Gel

Purpose: Soothes skin immediately after waxing.

Price: $10.99


Clean + Easy Azulene Calming Oil

Purpose: Conditions skin after any type of hair removal.

Price: $8.50


Clean + Easy Full Service Warmer

Quick access and easy cleaning.

Price: $121.75


Clean + Easy Pre-Epilation Oil

Protects, conditions and moisturizes the skin.

Price: $8.95


Clean + Easy Wax / Brazilian / 14oz

Purpose: This is a full body hard wax that is specially designed for the bikini area.

Price: $12.50


Clean + Easy Lavender Powder

Purpose: Lightly dust the skin with Lavender Moisture Absorbent Powder to ensure the skin is completely dry before waxing. Dust a second layer of powder on sensitive individuals for added protection.

Price: $4.50


Clean + Easy Wax / Acai Berry Full Body / 14oz

Purpose: Please read instructions on label.

Price: $13.50


Clean + Easy Paraffin / Lavender and Ylang Ylang / 1lb Bag

Purpose: Excellent for hands, feet, arms, legs, the back, and the face.

Price From: $5.50


Clean + Easy Paraffin / Peach and Fennel / 1lb Bag

Purpose: Excellent for hands, feet, arms, legs, the back, and the face.

Price From: $5.50


Clean + Easy Vitamin E Wax / Refill / 6pc

Purpose: The Vitamin E Wax Refill is a wax refill for the Clean and Easy Roll-On Waxing System and fits the large applicators. Perfect for clients who like the original formula wax, but want the added benefits of vitamin E’s moisturizing and healing powers.

Price: $18.50


Clean + Easy Tea Tree Wax / Large Refill / 3pc

Purpose: The cream wax is gentle enough for normal to sensitive skin and is ideal for removing short, coarse, and stubborn hair.

Price: $15.50


Clean + Easy Roller Heads / Large

Purpose: These large roller heads fit on the applicator bottles for the Clean and Easy Roll-On Waxing System.

Price From: $3.00 - $23.95


Clean + Easy Restore Dermal Lotion

Purpose: Restores moisture and conditions the skin after hair removal.

Price: $10.99


Clean + Easy Paraffin / Vanilla Bean / 1lb Bag

Purpose: Tear open bag and slide paraffin into the clean + easy Paraffin spa heater. Do not heat paraffin in the bag. Always maitain the proper level of paraffin in the spa. Suitable for all paraffin spa units.

Price From: $5.50


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