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Depileve Wax / Azulene Cream Rosin / 14oz

Purpose: It’s excellent for removing hairs on bikini line, underarms, and facial areas.

Price: $15.99


Depileve Wax / Pearl Rosin / 14oz

Purpose: Great for all areas and skin types.

Price: $15.99


Depileve Wax / Lavender Rosin / 14oz

Purpose: It is the perfect wax for removing hairs on legs, bikini line, underarms, and facial areas, and it leaves skin smooth and soft.

Price: $15.99


Depileve Easy Clean

Purpose: Fast and easy removal of wax from the Line Waxing Warmer, floors, tabletops, or clothes.

Price From: $7.99 - $23.99


Depileve Wax / Olive Oil Rosin / 14oz

Purpose: Provides ultimate skin protection by preventing breakage and reducing redness.

Price: $15.99


Depileve Wax / European Gold Hard / 14oz

Purpose: Stripless, this hard wax should be applied thick and allowed to dry before removing.

Price: $15.99


Depileve Deluxe Wax Warmer

Purpose: Thermostat controlled warmer.

Price: $79.99


Depileve Wax / Natural Pine Rosin / 14oz

Purpose: It’s ideal for large area applications.

Price: $13.99


Depileve Wax / Intimate Extra Film / 14oz

Purpose: Ideal for Brazilian waxing.

Price: $15.99


Depileve Oil Cleanser / 7oz

Purpose: Can be used after hair removal to remove any wax residue and to soften the skin.

Price: $8.99


Depileve Wax / Marine Crystal / 14oz

Purpose: Excellent for waxing legs due to firming action provided by marine collagen.

Price: $15.99


Depileve Folisan / 5oz

Purpose: Usage: Soak a cotton pad with the lotion and gently apply on any waxed or shaven area.

Price: $8.99


Depileve Prebase / 7oz

Purpose: Cleans the skin of make-up, deodorant, creams, and body oils prior to waxing. Apply on cotton ball and dry off thoroughly. Then, apply wax.

Price: $7.99


Depileve Soothing Cream / 7oz

Purpose: Apply in a thick layer after hair removal when any allergic or inflammatory reaction occurs. After 3 mniutes, rub into skin.

Price: $7.99


Depileve Wax / Monoi of Tahiti Extra Film / 14oz

Purpose: It is great for Brazilian waxing and other delicate areas.

Price: $15.99


Depileve Milk Cleanser / 7oz

Purpose: Removes wax residue and gently softens and moisturizes the skin after waxing.

Price: $7.99


Depileve Professional Kit

Purpose: It contains the necessary products you will need to perform both facial and body waxing services.

Price: $129.00


Depileve Wax / Can Holders / 2pc

Purpose: Hold can with one hand, place over holder, and push and turn holder over the rim to adjust.

Price: $10.99


Depileve Wax Warmer Connectors / 2pk

Purpose: These connectors can join two or more Depilève Wax Warmers together. Fuchsia.

Price: $4.99


1-20 of 20 Items

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