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Essie Good to Go! Top Coat / .5oz

Purpose: Use as a top coat over nail polish to dry it -- almost instantly.
Dries nail polish almost instantly.


Essie Quick-e / 0.5oz

Purpose: Used to accelerate the drying time of freshly polished nails.
- Accelerates the drying time of freshly polished nails.


Essie Nail Corrector Pen

Purpose: Swipe the pre-moistened applicator tip around cuticles and fingertips to remove excess polish. Wipe the applicator clean with tissue and reuse as needed. Upon the first use, it may be necessary to keep pressing on applicator tip in order to fully moisten with corrector fluid. For applicator tip replacement, make sure pen is upright with tip pointing upward to prevent liquid from spilling. Gently pull tip away from the pen. Discard old applicator tip and press new one into place.
- Removes excess nail polish quickly and effortlessly.

- Ideal for salon use.

- Convenient for manicure retouching in between salon visits.

- Easy to use, travel-friendly, and refillable.


Essie First Base Basecoat / 0.5oz

Purpose: An adhesive base that binds polish to the nails for less chipping and increased wearability. It is a perfect binding base coat for natural nails.
Decreases chipping, increases wearability.


Essie Anti-Bacterial Nail Polish Remover

Purpose: Soak a cotton pad and firmly press down to remove polish in one quick step. For best results, wipe from cuticle toward tip of nail. Wash hands thoroughly when finished.
- This antibacterial formula fights bacteria and helps keep nail clear of fungus.

- Salon strength formula removes even the darkest nail polish.

- Leaves a light botanical scent.


Essie Cuticle Pen

Purpose: A softener and a moisturizer for the cuticles.
- Softens and moisturizes the cuticles.

- Prevents drying.

- Moisturizing emollients heal and soothe both cuticle and nail.

- Unique pen delivery system allows you to moisturize cuticles effectively.

- Hypo-allergenic.

- Leaves cuticles silky smooth and ready to be pushed back.


Essie Super Duper Topcoat

Purpose: A nail gloss that is fast-drying, adds strength and protects nails against chipping.
- Fast-drying.

- Adds strength.

- Protects nails against chipping.


Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil

Purpose: A soothing and moisturizing massage oil for all types of cuticles.
Seals in moisture and hydrates cuticles.


Essie 2015 Resort Collection Display / 12pc

Chip resistant, long lasting, and provides flawless coverage. DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free


Essie Nail Color / Wrap Me Up

Chip resistant, long lasting, and provides flawless coverage. DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free


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