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Intrinsics - Over 100 Years of Impeccable Product Quality

What began in 1900 as a cotton products manufacturing company has grown into a leading supplier of cotton fibers and nonwoven products worldwide. Intrinsics combines the very best technology and consumer input with more than a generation of fiber knowledge to make the finest single use products available.

  • Elegant design and function for professional use
  • Innovation with the evolution of beauty care
  • Inseparable value and quality

Best Sellers

Intrinsics Silken Esthetic Wipes

Price From:$2.50 - $8.99

Intrinsics Cotton Naturelles / 2in

Price From:$2.40 - $47.55

Intrinsics Cotton Esthetic Wipes

Price From:$4.70 - $13.50

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Intrinsics Silken Esthetic Wipes

Purpose: Can be used for multiple spa applications including facial cleansing, extractions, nail wipes, and cleaning instruments.

Price From: $2.50 - $8.99


Intrinsics Cotton Naturelles / 2in

Purpose: Ideal for facial or nail services including makeup/polish removal, cleansing and skin care, or as eye pads.

Price From: $2.40 - $47.55


Intrinsics Cotton Esthetic Wipes

Purpose: It can be used for any facial/body/skin service or can be used as a surface or instrument wipe.

Price From: $4.70 - $13.50


Intrinsics Compressed Sponges / 75pc

Purpose: Perfect for facials.

Price: $35.80


Intrinsics 12-Ply Gauze Pads

Purpose: Can be used for:
- Facial or body services
- Waxing
- Exfoliating

Price From: $4.10 - $12.80


The Pink Glove

Purpose: Perfect for the latex-sensitive professional. Ideal for all medical and dental services. Also suitable for use in the spa and salon industries for all hair, facial, and skin services.

Price From: $6.99


Intrinsics Toe Rope

They are comfortable, sanitary, disposable, and biodegradable.

Price From: $15.60


Intrinsics Roll Cotton

Purpose: Can be torn or cut to any size for a myriad of uses. Can be used for facial, nail, and skin care applications.

Price From: $7.75


Intrinsics Facial Caps / 100pc

Purpose: Protects client's hair during facials.

Price From: $10.40


Intrinsics Precut Gauze Facial Masks / 50 Pack

Purpose: Use for high frequency, modeling, purifying, or exfoliating treatments.

Price From: $11.85


Intrinsics X'Tra Thick Cotton Pads

Price From: $12.40


Intrinsics Heart Compressed Sponges / Pink / 75pc

• Make the most out of any storage space
• Great for cleansing the face, removing makeup, masks and products during facials

Price: $35.80


Intrinsics Cotton Swabs / 500pc

Price From: $4.65


Intrinsics Nail Tech's Choice


Price From: $3.60


Intrinsics Cotton-Filled Gauze / 2"x2"

Purpose: Used for facial or body services, exfoliating, and polish removal.

Price From: $3.65


Intrinsics Vinyl Gloves / 100ct

Purpose: Protects your hands from harsh chemicals.

Price From: $4.99 - $6.50


Intrinsics Cotton Band / 1-1/4"

They are strong, yet soft and pliable when wet. Perfect for a variety of spa or salon uses including eye covers, and nail cleanup.

Price From: $7.35


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