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The Spa Disposables Right for Your Location

Spa Essentials products save time and money for your operation in addition to these benefits & features:

  • Innovative products for your spa or salon
  • Clients stay protected, dry, and comfortable
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 certified processes

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Spa Essentials Esthetic Wipes

Price From: $2.55 - $7.75


Spa Essentials Disposable Headbands / 48pc

Purpose: Use to protect hair and keep it away from the face during treatments.

Price From: $17.99


Spa Essentials Table Paper / Waxing / White / 27" x 225'

Purpose: Protects the bed while using waxing or sugaring products.

Price From: $6.99


Spa Essentials Eye/Lip Disposable Applicator / 3.5" / 100pc

Purpose: Great for eyebrows and upper lip areas.

Price: $1.20


Spa Essentials Eye Protection Pads / 100pc

Purpose: Apply petroleum jelly to the pad to hold it in place. You may have to cut the pad to customize for individual clients’ eyes.

Price: $6.75


Spa Essentials Table Paper / White / 21" x 225'

Purpose: This waxing table paper is designed to be used on the treatment table to protect the bed while using waxing or sugaring products.

Price From: $4.99


Spa Essentials Table Paper / Poly-Backed / White / 21" x 125'

Purpose: - Protects massage or waxing tables.

Price From: $7.99


Spa Essentials Round Cotton Pads / 80pc

Purpose: - Remove eye make-up.
- Apply toner.
- Removing residue associated with certain treatments.
- Eye pads

Price From: $1.65


Spa Essentials Disposable Drape Sheets / 2-Ply

Purpose: Use these disposable drape sheets for client cover-ups or for table cover-ups.

Price From: $25.75 - $30.75


Spa Essentials Semi-Reusable Thermal Roll / 200' x 60"

Purpose: The Thermal Roll is used in body treatments - reflects 90% of body heat during body treatments.

Price From: $36.50


Spa Essentials Disposable Drape Sheets / 3Ply / 50pc

Purpose: Use these disposable sheets for client or table cover-ups.

Price: $32.75


Spa Essentials Eye Pads / Oval / 50pc

Purpose: Ideal for use during eye treatments and facials.

Price From: $3.75


Spa Essentials Disposable Washcloths / 50pc

Purpose: Used for gently wiping creams, oils, and moisture from the face or body.


Spa Essentials Paper Towels / Water Resistant / 500pc

Purpose: Can be used for any application that you would normally use a paper towel.
- Great for applying hot mud as a back treatment during a facial.
- When you prepare to put a towel under the client’s head, use paper towels to wipe product or moisture from your hands.
- Use on counter tops when preparing moist towels for the warmer.
- Use to dry bowls, brushes etc. after cleaning.

Price: $30.99


Spa Essentials Soft Cloth Multi-Use Washcloth / 40pc

Purpose: Multiple use disposable washcloths. They are great for use with exfoliation, cleansing during facials, and for manicures, pedicures, and paraffin treatments. For damp heat applications, they can be moistened and heated in the microwave.

Price From: $5.30


Spa Essentials Disposable Pillow Cases / 100pc


Price: $33.99


1-20 of 20 Items

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