Manicure & Pedicure Bowls

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Belava Pedicure Foot Massager & Heater wi/Tub / Navy

Purpose: This Heater/Massager allows your clients to indulge in a warm, relaxing pedicure tub while offering you a safe, simple cleaning solution: disposable, easy to store liners.
Benefits: -Helps contain the spread of infectitious material from one person to another in the soaking process.

-Helps avoid skin irritations and allergies caused by harmful chemicals used by professionals to sanitize pedicure tubs.

-No scrubbing, no cleaning, no chemicals.

-Safe and attractive.

-Durable and Lightweight.

-Disposable, easy to store, recylable.

-Minimizes your work and maximizes your client's safety.

Price: $269.00


Resin Footrest

Purpose: The half moon design covers one part of the bowl, allowing one foot to remain in the water soaking while the other foot rests above for treatments.
Benefits: Distinctively designed, this companion piece will complete the look of your unique pedicure station.

Price: $25.00


Resin Treatment Dish

Purpose: The Rectangular Resin Treatment Dish elegantly separates your salts, scrubs, and lotions while keeping them close for easy reach.
Benefits: This matching dish makes a tasteful presentation when used with your Resin Pedicure Bowl.

Price: $20.00


Noel Asmar Resin Bowl Bundle

Price: $259.00


1-13 of 13 Items


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