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Oakworks Portal Pro w/Carry Case

- Designed especially for seated massage and relaxation techniques, acupuncture, pregnancy massage, and on-location seated treatments.
- Provides complete relaxation for clients by providing comfortable, full-body support.
- Stress-free, nearly fetal position naturally matches the contours of the body so that the therapist’s work does the right thing in the right places.
- Fully adjustable, the Portal Pro™ 3 provides comfort and proper support for clients ranging from 4’ll” to 6’4” and up to 300 pounds.
- Four simple, fast adjustments fit every client
- Provides complete access to cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and shoulder regions
- Specially engineered seat angles tilt the pelvis to release strain on the lumbar spine.
- QuickLock™ Face Rest – easily adjustable to support any size or any shaped body. Double articulating for quick and easy client positioning
- QuickLock™ Arm Rest – Ergonomically designed to be easily adjustable and provides optimum comfort.
- Push Button Adjustments
- Seat Height and Angle Adjustments – Match your working height and relieve strain on your client’s lumbar spine
- Off Set Wheels – Out of the way when working, instantly engaged for traveling
- Powder Coated Aluminum Frame – Constructed and welded to provide a solid, rigid structure that doesn’t flex. Reliable, easy adjustments.

Price: $485.00


Oakworks Clodagh Side Console

Designed can be mounted on either side of the lounge and minimizes the space required in your relaxation area.

Price: $840.00


Oakworks Hand Control / Stationary Tables

Extra Hand Control means convenience for the practitioner. Can be placed at either side or end of the table.

Price: $205.00


Oakworks Fomentek Bag

The Fomentek bag provides hours of soothing warmth for clients when placed under the Wet Drape.

Price: $45.00


Oakworks Portable Table Cart

Fits easily through doorways, folds for compact storage, and its over-sized wheels bravely tackle a wide variety of surfaces.

Price: $95.00


Earthlite Stool Covers

Purpose: Stretch over the top of a 15” round stool seat.

Price: $19.99


Living Earth Crafts Travel Cart w/Wheels

Purpose: Enjoy the ease of rolling your portable massage table wherever you go.

Price: $89.00


Oakworks Boiance Float Face Cradle

-Water Sphere technology support system
-Near frictionless movement in all directions
-Works with most face rests
-Inserts between the face rest platform and the face rest cushion

Price: $69.00


Silhouet-Tone Electric Footswitch for Laguna Mist and Nigel

Purpose: For Laguna Mist, Nigel, Sand, or Elite Platinum tables.

Price: $199.00


Oakworks Paper Roll Hanger

Price: $65.00


Living Earth Crafts Avonite Side Arms

Purpose: Side arms for Manicure on Mystia

Price: $495.00


Living Earth Crafts Spa Flex-Rest Marine Grade Face Cradle

Marine Grade Upholstery Required for Wet Treatment Rooms


1-24 of 70 Items Next page

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