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Living Earth Crafts Serenity Table / Flat Top with Shelf

Purpose: Applications:
Massage, Facial, Waxing, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Body Wrap, Body Polish, Detox Therapy, Cellulite Therapy, Reflexology, Microdermabrasion, Laser Hair Removal, IPL, Thermage

Price: $2,595.00


2-in-1 Steamer & Mag Lamp

Purpose: It has the bigger 5-diopter viewing lens with a smaller 8-diopter section superimposed on the bigger area for 5 and 8 times magnification.

8-diopter section is a 1 inch circle on top of a 4.75 inch circle. If you look through the smaller circle, you see 8 mag, if you look anywhere else through the bigger circle, you see 5 mag.

Price: $399.00


Lenox SE Pedicure Spa

Price: $4,995.00


3-in-1 Facial System w/Steamer, Mag Lamp and High Frequency

- Automatically powers off when the water level is low.
- Immediate water refill during use.
- Silent operation.

Price: $499.00


Facial Steamer w/Ozone and Stand

-Automatically powers off when water level is low.
-Immediate water refill.
-No constant ding or tick allowing for ””Silent Operation””

Price: $279.00


Living Earth Crafts Napa Spa and Salon Table

Purpose: Applications:
Massage, Facial, Waxing, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Body Wrap, Body Polish, Detox Therapy, Cellulite Therapy, Reflexology, Microdermabrasion, Laser Hair Removal, IPL, Thermage

Price: $2,095.00


Daylight LED Slimline Magnifying Lamp

• Stylish and professional magnifying lamp
• Bright Daylight LEDs
• High quality 13cm/5” lenses, 1.75X and 2.25X
• Lamp brightness 6000 Lux at 15cm
• Total amount of visible light emitted in Lumens is 756
• Daylight LEDs provide high contrast and accurate color matching, making it easier and less tiring to work and see detail clearly. LEDs never need replacing and use very little energy.

Price: $175.00


Paragon Towel Cabi / HC- 82

Purpose: This Hot Towel Cabi holds up to 72 (12” X 12”) facial towels.

Price: $319.00


Touch America Standard Cabi

Sharp stainless Steel color
170 F average temp
18 liter capacity
Comes with two wire baskets
Holds 20 hand towels

Price: $299.00


Taiji Standard Towel Cabi with UV / White / 110V

Compact - contains UV light.

Price: $595.00


Towel Cabi w/UV / Double

Purpose: The Double Hot Towel Cabi with UV has two compartments with dual controls that hold approximately 48 wash cloths.

Price: $299.00


Living Earth Crafts Kensington Studio

Purpose: Multipurpose Table

Price: $6,595.00


Oxy Geneo+ 3-IN-1 Superfacial

Purpose: OxyGeneo Technology is inspired by the renowned healing powers of natural hot springs, which are known for their high concentration of CO2.

With the geneO+, OxyGeneo Technology begins to oxygenate the skin by first exfoliating the epidermis, preparing the skin to receive active nutrients. The geneO+ then deeply cleans the skin while creating a chemical reaction between the patented Capsugen capsule, your optional skincare serums or solutions, and the NeoRevive or NeoBright gel. This chemical reaction produces countless CO2-rich bubbles which gently burst on the skin’s surface, while essential nutrients and antioxidants are infused deeply into the skin.

OxyGeneo treatments allow the body to respond by sending oxygen-rich blood to the treated area; it increases the capillary blood flow and the metabolism of essential skin nutrients in the skin. OxyGeneo treatments continue to produce results even after the patient leaves your office.

Price: $14,900.00


8-in-1 DermiSystem

Purpose: This heavy-duty facial system combines a variety of facial equipment functions in one unit.

Price: $1,695.00


Sybaritic Relax Well Jet Pod

Purpose: Easy to use, the Spa Jet Multi-Sensory Spa Capsule is stunning in design and provides the perfect spa environment. The versatility and variety of functions enables the spa to offer individual hydrospa care adapted to its client’s needs, desires, and lifestyle. The elite services of the Spa Jet creates a distinct advantage for your business in an ever-changing, competitive market. The added services and program capabilities will keep clients returning for more.

The Spa-Jet provides a relaxing sensory experience and evokes feelings of total well-being by incorporating mud, seaweed, gels, wraps, masks, sprays, salt-glows, and extracts from natural sources in a high-tech environment “spa” capsule. It is set apart from other systems by a combination of advanced technology, classic methods of application, and diffusion of specialized products. Offering Spa-Jet treatments in your menu of services lets clients know the depth of your commitment to their wellness and balance. It can be used with any skin care products. A typical session will feature exfoliating and moisturizing creams/gels, salt glows, body wraps and seaweed masks to tone, cleanse, nourish, revitalize and protect the skin.

The Spa-Jet is a versatile and all-inclusive spa system that epitomizes the concept of “spa”. It features Hydrofusion, a combination of steam and ceramic radiant heat that penetrates deep into the layers of skin. Add hydro-massage via the 360º shower (10 shower sprays above the body and 10 under-body shower sprays) and unique massager sprays and you’ll be able to offer an unparalleled hydrospa experience to your clients. Its superior features include a stunning translucent pebble grain shell that allows the colored light system to radiate the room, invigorating mind and body.

Price: $19,995.00


Equipment Cart w/Drawers

Purpose: This heavy-duty Equipment Cart with Drawers is sturdy enough to hold all of your spa/salon equipment. Each arm has a holder/well that accommodates a mag lamp.

Price: $215.00


Touch America Small Cabi

Purpose: This conveniently sized Mini Cabi is great for supplying wet or dry heated towels to clients for comfort.

Price: $199.00


Cleo GX Pedicure Spa

Price: $2,795.00


Deluxe Steamer

Purpose: This Deluxe Facial Steamer is used to improve blood circulation, open the pores, and generally revitalize the skin.

Price: $595.00


Magnifying Lamp LED w/5 Diopter and Stand

Purpose: Magnifying lamp - use to diagnose skin conditions.

Price: $180.00


Earthlite Spirit Portable Massage Table Package

• Jointless™ rounded corners
• Super-strong, 10 layer laminate hoop frame, patent pending
• Managed forest Hard Maple and quality Birch decking
• Full-length hardwood ribs and hinge
• Patented Mid-brace™ Cradle-lock cabling system
• Milled and assembled to Earthlite's tight manufacturing tolerances
• Luxurious 100% PU Natursoft™ Vinyl in a choice of 16 colors
• 3 layer, 2 3/4”” Pro-Plus™ and 3”” Pro-Plush Deluxe™ cushioning systems
• Stitched fit™ upholstering a flatter comfortable massage table surface
• No charge Reiki endplate option
• Shiatsu release cables
• Dual maple outlet covers
• Lifetime Limited Warranty

Price: $519.00


Waterwerks Monsoon Swiss Shower

Price: $4,295.00


Touch America Dual Thermostat Warming Cabi

Purpose: Not only is this cabi used for warming towels, wash cloths, and facial towels, but its upper compartment maintains ideal temperatures for warming Eco-fin™ cubes with the plastic liners and sleeve without melting the plastic while the lower compartment maintains higher temperatures to keep a perfect warmth for herbal mitts, booties, neck wraps, and more.

Price: $345.00


High Frequency Facial System / Single Unit

Purpose: High Frequency units emits ultraviolet rays that can benefit the skin in many ways. The use of ultraviolet rays on the skin's surface increases glandular activity, stimulates the circulation of blood, creates a germicidal action, increases metabolism, and helps skin care products penetrate the deeper layers of skin.

Price: $179.00


Hot Towel Cabi / D-207

Price: $350.00


Living Earth Crafts Aspen Dual Pedestal Table with Flat Top

Purpose: Perfect for day spas, medi-spas, and destination resorts.

Price: $3,095.00


Living Earth Crafts Pedi-Lounger Pedicure and Facial Chair

Zero Gravity Comfort: The Pedi-Lounger adjusts to zero gravity, 5º facial, or upright positions at the touch of the ergonomic hand control.

- Multi-Purpose Functionality: Offer pedicures, manicures, facials, medi-spa treatments, all from on ultra-comfortable chair.

- Flexible and Cost Effective: Compatible with either electric pipeless footbath technology or more traditional pedicure bowl options.

Price: $4,295.00


Elite Wax Warmer

Purpose: Individual heater control allows the use of one or both compartments.

Price From: $79.95 - $149.95


3-in-1 Diamond Microdermabrasion

Price From: $1,200.00 - $1,500.00


PerfectSense Heating Chamber

Purpose: The units are designed to work exclusively with PerfectSense Paraffin Hand and Foot Treatments. Simply hang the paraffin gloves within the Heating Chamber and activate with the Heater Pouch and AromaVapor solution (included with treatment).

Price: $239.00


Daylight Slimline LED Floor Lamp / Chrome

--Integrated on/off switch on lamp pole, easy to reach
--Powerful 11W/T2 daylight energy saving tube (95W equiv.)
--Lamp brightness 2490 Lux at 15cm and 1040 Lux at 30cm
--Total amount of visible light emitted in Lumens is 680 lm
--See comfortably with daylight™ light, color correcting and reduces eye strain
--Two unique flexible joints to easily adjust height and light angle

Price: $219.99


Belava Pedicure Tub Disposable Liners 100ct

Convenient and sanitary!

Price: $68.00


Hydraulic Facial Chair

- Swivels 360 degrees with a super heavy-duty hydraulic pump housed in a steel base.
- Foot operated easy usage hydraulic system controls up, down, and lock functions.
- Designed to lie flat or upward to a 65-degree angle for all purposes.
- Can go totally flat.
- The Head Rest comes off the bed, completely removable.
- Both arms are removable.
- Comes with a face hole.
- Holds up to 150 kg = 330 pounds.

Price: $975.00


Living Earth Crafts Professional Stool with Back

- Pneumatic-lift.
- 5-leg caster base for ease of movement
- Height range: 19 and 3/4”” to 27 3/4””.
- 350 lb. weight limit.

Price: $149.00


Living Earth Crafts Professional Stool without Back

- Pneumatic-lift seat.
- 5-leg caster base for ease of movement and a padded seat.
- 3”” of foam
- Adjustable from 19 3/4”” to 27 3/4””.
- Rugged construction.
- 350 lb. weight limit.

Price: $85.00


Massage Table Warmer

Price: $84.95


The Melting Pot Wax Warmer

Purpose: It can accommodate 14 oz. or 16 oz. plastic or metal containers of wax or sugar.

Price: $79.99


Prestige Medical 2100 Autoclave 120V

Purpose: Eliminates the risk of cross infection through contaminated instruments.

Price: $1,099.00


Spa Pro Stone Heaters / 120V / 18qt

Adjustable thermostat; attractive; durable.

Price: $122.95


Paragon Towel Cabi / HC-78

Purpose: This Hot Towel Cabi holds up to 24 (12” X 12”) facial towels.

Price: $249.00


Paragon Towel Cabi / PC-201

Price: $715.00


Lenox GX Pedicure Spa

Price: $4,495.00


High Frequency / Hand Held

Purpose: High Frequency units emits ultraviolet rays that can benefit the skin in many ways. The use of ultraviolet rays on the skin's surface increases glandular activity, stimulates the circulation of blood, creates a germicidal action, increases metabolism, and helps skin care products penetrate the deeper layers of skin.

Price: $195.00


UV Sanitizer / Double Rack

Purpose: The UV Sterilizer can be used to sterilize instruments, brushes, scissors, etc.

Price: $199.00


UV Sanitizer / Single Rack

Purpose: Use to sterilize instruments, brushes, scissors, etc.

Price: $189.00


Suitmate Swimsuit Spinner

Purpose: Extracts 95% of water in just 10 seconds from spin drying.

Price: $2,095.00


8-in-1 Facial System

Purpose: This heavy-duty Facial System combines a variety of facial equipment functions in one unit.

Price: $1,595.00


Living Earth Crafts Pro Salon Traditional Table

Purpose: Applications:
Massage, Facial, Waxing, Permanent Makeup, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Body Wrap, Body Polish, Detox Therapy, Cellulite Therapy, Reflexology, Hydrating Skin Therapy, Medi-Spa Treatments, Microdermabrasion, Laser Hair Removal, IPL, Thermage

Price: $5,095.00


Living Earth Crafts Pro Salon Deluxe Classic

• Quietech™ Hydraulic Lift Actuators
• Fully articulating electric salon top with rounded corners
• Ergonomic hand and foot controls
• Strata™ 4”” Memory Foam Cushioning System
• Naturasoft™ Upholstery in 16 color options
• Deluxe Classic Cabinetry
• Hot Towel Cabi Ready
• PowerPort™ power management system
• Salon Style Neck Roll

Price: $5,095.00


Living Earth Crafts Tides La Mer Wet Table

Purpose: Wet Treatment Table

Price: $3,895.00


Living Earth Crafts Luma Nailspace Studio

Purpose: Desk for manicure

Price: $2,795.00


Electric Warming Mitts / 110V

Purpose: Heat opens pores to allow your moisturizer to condition the driest of skin.

Price: $28.95


Bamboo Warming Tray with 20 Stones

Purpose: Warms Himalayan salt stones to 108 to 120 degrees (depending on stone size, weight, thickness) and maintains stones’ consistent temperature. Salt stones will warm to desired temperature in approx. 40 minutes.


Resin Pedicure Bowl / Round

Purpose: Ideal not only for the spa but also for “house-calls”, especially spa-parties.

Price: $148.00


Electric Lotion Warmers

Purpose: Used to warm bottles of massage oil and lotion.

Price From: $131.00 - $189.00


Satin Smooth Wax Warmers

Price From: $69.99 - $119.99


PerfectSense Lava Shells Charges

Purpose: Charges for use with Lava Shells.

Price: $63.00


Paragon Equipment Trolley

Purpose: Used to store equipment and supplies.

Price: $320.00


Aromatic Economy Steamer

Purpose: This Aromatic Facial Steamer is used to improve blood circulation, open the pores, and generally revitalize the skin.

Price: $385.00


Suitmate Swimsuit Spinner / 230v

Purpose: Extracts 95% of water in just 10 seconds from spin drying.

Price: $2,195.00


Silhouet-Tone Elite Platinum Aesthetic Chair

Purpose: Specially designed for facials, laser treatments, IPL, Botox® treatments, body treatments, and depilation.

Price: $4,595.00


Silhouet-Tone Laguna Mist Spa Bed

Purpose: Specially designed for facials, massage, and any type of bodywork.

Price: $3,517.00


Living Earth Crafts Wave Lounger w/Laminate Base

Purpose: Used for Relaxation with Zero Gravity position.

Price: $2,695.00


Taiji Standard Cabi with UV / 220V

Price From: $595.00 - $695.00


Daylight IQ Magnifier Lamp

• 60 daylight premium LEDs
• 4 stepped dimmer
• 17.5cm (7””) lightweight lens with anti-scratch coating
• Quick swap lens system - 5D and 12D optional lenses available separately
• Effortless free-motion movement head and arm. Hold any position without drift
• Reinforced heavy duty arm with sealed joints, solid pivots and side covers
• Long reach 118cm (46.5””) max
• LEDs never need replacing
• Lux at 15cm 6,330


Earthlite Everest Massage Table

Price: $1,999.00


Earthlite Vortex Portable Massage Chair Package

Purpose: Portable massage chair.

Price: $299.00


Touch America Breath Pedi-Lounge

The Breath Pedi-Lounge is ergonomically shaped to ease the body into a blissful reclining position.

Price: $1,559.00


Living Earth Crafts Luma Nailspace

Purpose: Desk for manicure

Price: $1,995.00


MegaPeel Microdermabrasion System / EX Gold

• Sleek, portable, and lightweight design
• An ergonomically designed hand-piece to diminish hand fatigue
• Easy-to-use disposable tips or detachable diamond tips
• A patented multilayer HEPA filter safely eliminating exposure to crystal dust and airborne contaminates


Quasar Combo Pro Kit

Price: $1,390.00


Silhouet-Tone Silver Peel Microdermabrasion

• Soundproof casing combined with a quiet, yet powerful motor.
• Stainless steel abrasion tips

Price: $1,995.00


Professional Nail Dryer

Purpose: Professional nail dryer - for hands or feet.

Price: $149.95


Norvell Arena Overspray Reduction Booth / HVLP System

Warm air is circulated through the sleek interior cabin, while overspray is filtered out. Strategically placed lighting minimizes shadowing while the roomy interior provides the perfect spray tanning environment. Clean-up is a breeze with easy wipe-down panels and washable, reusable filters. Caster styled wheels allowing mobile ease when cleaning and moving equipment.

Quick access to the Mobile Arena™ turbine system, allows for easy removal for mobile tanning providers.

• Heated, Comfortable Spray Environment
• Cross Draft Technology™ Maximizes Overspray Reduction
• Spacious Footprint for Easy Client Spraying
• LED Lighting Minimizes Shadowing and Boosts Visibility
• Removable HVLP Spray Unit for Mobile Option
• Lighted, Sleek and Professional Modern Design

Price: $3,495.00


Satin Smooth DermaRadiance Microdermabrasion

Perfect for both women and men, any age. Dermabrasion treatments can begin in one's twenties to maintain the integrity of the skin and always keep a youthful glow.

Price: $3,499.00


Oakworks Premium Stool

Price: $105.00


Oakworks Premium Stool w/Backrest

- Covered with an environmentally-friendly upholstery fabric made from PVC-free organic compounds.
- More durable, has a better abrasion and tear resistance, is softer and easier to care for than polyvinyl chloride fabrics.

Price: $155.00


Daylight LED Ultra Slim XR Magnifying Lamp

-XR technology makes the lens 50% lighter and easy to clean
-The head-joint guarantees precise and smooth positioning of your lamp without constantly having to tighten the wing-nut
-Includes an electronic ballast so you can work longer in comfortable light
-Has Quick Lens Swap System so you can increase the magnification in seconds without any tools

Price: $359.99


Therabath Paraffin Spa with Peach Paraffin / 6lbs

- It features a full-sized inner tank and a compact outer tank, which accommodates hands, feet, and elbows, but it is also small enough to fit on a countertop.
- A thermostatic control keeps paraffin at the optimum temperature for maximum therapeutic benefit.
- CE Marked and CETL Listed.
- Made in the USA.

Price: $199.99


Silhouet-Tone Deluxe Contoured Air-Lift Stool w/Backrest

-Chrome-plated base.
-5 noiseless casters.
-Lumbar support.
-3” thick cushion.
-Multiple fabric and color choices.
-Bigger base for maximum stability.

Price: $289.00


Sanijet Model 100 Reflexology Foot Bath / 1.5" Rim Height

Purpose: Ideal for treatments using additives, such as thermal bath salts and essential oils, our luxurious Pedicure Bath features relaxing chromatherapy lighting, padded foot rest with UltraLeather™ resistant synthetic leather, safe and quiet Pipeless™ hydrotherapy jets, and an easy to operate control panel. Best of all, it’s available in five stunning models for added design freedom.

Price: $1,775.00


Belvedere Alpha Shampoo Bowl

Purpose: Shampoo bowl.

Price: $881.00


Touch America Portable MultiPro Table

Perfect portable table for small areas. Features adjustable top and leg sections.

Price: $870.00


Touch America Marimba

Purpose: Most valued for use in salons and medical spas as a chair, the Marimba can also be used for light massage (not recommended for deep-tissue or sports massage).

Price: $3,695.00


Living Earth Crafts Element Trolley

- Pullout breadboard shelf.
- Hot towel cabinet recess.
- Surge protected power outlet.
- Two generous supply drawers.
- Quality casters.

Price: $439.00


Living Earth Crafts Duet Stool

Purpose: Two Stage Stool (for mani and pedi)

Price: $380.00


Electric Warming Booties / 110V

Purpose: Heat opens pores to allow moisturizer to condition the driest of skin.

Price: $29.95


Stronglite Ergo Pro II Massage Chair Package / Black

Purpose: For use in massage treatments for therapists on the go.


Oakworks Portal Pro w/Carry Case

- Designed especially for seated massage and relaxation techniques, acupuncture, pregnancy massage, and on-location seated treatments.
- Provides complete relaxation for clients by providing comfortable, full-body support.
- Stress-free, nearly fetal position naturally matches the contours of the body so that the therapist’s work does the right thing in the right places.
- Fully adjustable, the Portal Pro™ 3 provides comfort and proper support for clients ranging from 4’ll” to 6’4” and up to 300 pounds.
- Four simple, fast adjustments fit every client
- Provides complete access to cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and shoulder regions
- Specially engineered seat angles tilt the pelvis to release strain on the lumbar spine.
- QuickLock™ Face Rest – easily adjustable to support any size or any shaped body. Double articulating for quick and easy client positioning
- QuickLock™ Arm Rest – Ergonomically designed to be easily adjustable and provides optimum comfort.
- Push Button Adjustments
- Seat Height and Angle Adjustments – Match your working height and relieve strain on your client’s lumbar spine
- Off Set Wheels – Out of the way when working, instantly engaged for traveling
- Powder Coated Aluminum Frame – Constructed and welded to provide a solid, rigid structure that doesn’t flex. Reliable, easy adjustments.

Price: $485.00


J and A Euro Pedicure Stool

Price: $125.00


J and A Glass Top Pedicart

Bottle holding slots up to 3”” to 4.25”” in diameter.
Easy to clean tempered glass top shelf.
Additional storage under the glass for small items.
Spacious two (2) drawers with easy glide tracks.
Heavy duty swivel casters with lock.

Price: $179.00


Wall Mount Pump Dispenser

Purpose: No rough stuff please. Works beautifully with soaps and shampoos, but avoid exfoliants, moisture beads, or granular scrubs.


Earthlite Stool Covers

Purpose: Stretch over the top of a 15” round stool seat.

Price: $19.99


Daylight MAGnificent Floor/Table LED Magnifying Lamp

• Ideal for pedicures
• Remove the pole to use the lamp on a table
• 27 high performance, energy efficient daylight™ LEDs
• Lamp brightness 1850 Lux at 6”” and 670 Lux at 12””
• 1.75X magnifying lens (5¾””) to help you see more clearly
• Large semi-rimless lens allowing close-work activity
• Flexible gooseneck aims light exactly where you need it
• Maximum height: Floor lamp 50” and table lamp 20”
• Lamp base can be used for storage of small items

Price: $129.99


Daylight Omega 5 Mag Lamp

Price: $250.00


Lotion Warmer / Single

Durable stainless steel frame; adjustable temperature control; industrial-rated heating elements. UL Approved.

Price: $99.00


Earthlite Luna Portable Table Package

• Super-lite cutting edge frame design
• Reiki ready lightweight aluminum frame, patent pending
• Patented Cradle-Lock cabling system gives extra stability
• Ultra-stable, Shimmy-Lok™ leg braces, patent pending
• Full-sized, lightweight, and comfortable
• Luxurious 100% PU Natursoft™ Vinyl in 16 colors
• Firm, yet lightweight 2 1/4” foam
• Lifetime Limited Warranty

Price: $489.00


Paragon Equipment Trolley w/Drawer

Purpose: Used to store equipment and supplies.

Price: $310.00


Sanijet Model 140 Reflexology Foot Bath/1.5" Rim Height

Purpose: SANIJET’s Pipeless™ Reflexology Pedicure Baths stimulate key points on the feet to release tension, restore balance, and improve energy flow and wellness.

Price: $1,795.00


Body Support Systems Pregnancy System

Purpose: Provides body support during body treatments.

Price: $799.00


Living Earth Crafts Jumbo Half Round Bolster

Purpose: Perfect for under the knees, ankles, or lower back, this bolster is designed for comfort, durability, and versatility.

Price: $32.00


Living Earth Crafts Full Round Bolster / 6"x26"

Purpose: Perfect for under the knees, ankles, or lower back, this bolster is designed for comfort, durability, and versatility.

Price: $29.50


Living Earth Crafts Nuage Table w/Cuvee Storage Cabinet

Purpose: Applications:
Massage, Facial, Waxing, Permanent Makeup, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Body Wrap, Body Polish, Detox Therapy, Cellulite Therapy, Reflexology, Hydrating Skin Therapy, Medi-Spa Treatments, Microdermabrasion, Laser Hair Removal, IPL, Thermage

Price: $5,495.00


Oakworks Nova Portable Table

- Supports the widest variety of bodywork modalities including Swedish, myofascial, deep tissue, and shiatsu.
- The Nova is the overwhelming choice for a wooden portable table in classrooms all over the country.
- Patented Slide Lock – Patented, engineered and comprehensively tested to provide exceptional strength, stability and durability.
- Engraved Wooden Knobs – Functional beauty with easy-grip band resistant to oil and dirt.
- Specially Engineered Leg Extension – Maximum engagement, minimal splitting force for truly reliable strength and durability at all height settings.
- Indestructible and unsplittable, the nylon leg blocks ensure leg rigidity.
- Patented Integra Hinge™ - Far surpasses piano or continuous hinges for center of the table strength and safety.
- UniLock™ - This patent-pending closure system is easy to use and won’t rust, rattle, or break. The safety design prevents scrapes and bruises. When used with the Shiatsu option, the UniLock™ design prevents marred floors.
- 6 mm end panels add stability to the geometry of the table.
- InterLock™ Legs with deep channel construction for solid locking.
- Integrated ribs mean that your energy goes into the client, not the table. Tables without ribs trampoline, wasting the therapist’s energy.
- Laser-aligned frame is perfectly square for a stronger table.
- Patented Integra Hinge™ clamps two table halves together and is actually stronger under load. It prevents the table halves from acting as a lever and pulling a traditional piano hinge apart. Far surpasses piano or continuous hinges for center of the table strength and safety. There is no danger of splitting rails because of numerous screw holes as with piano hinges.
- Patented Nylon Leg Blocks are indestructible and unsplittable ensuring leg rigidity.

Price: $495.00


Oakworks QuickLock Face Rest with Aero-Cel Cushion

- Provides optimal access to cervical and thoracic areas for the therapist, and comfortable, secure support for any body type, any client need or preference.
- Folds out of the way when not in use.
- Offers cervical support for supine clients, prone support in any position.
- Provides one-handed locking system (easy even with clients on-board)
- Convenient foldaway storage underneath your portable table
- Gets as close to the table as therapist needs it to be
- Double articulating action provides nearly limitless positioning options
- Direct mechanical locking means no springs or ratchets to fail
- Non-rusting nylon and fiberglass composite and heavy-walled aluminum for durability.
- Adjustable pad takes pressure off sensitive facial areas while providing support to keep faces from falling through and necks from hitting the bar
- Can be used in both prone and supine positioning.

Price: $115.00


Economy Wax Warmer

Purpose: Wax warmer for 14 oz. or 16 oz. cans.

Price: $36.66


Hand Held Wood's Lamp

Purpose: For optimal results, the lamp must be used in a totally dark room. Skin should be completely cleaned before using lamp. The lamp should not be allowed to overheat and direct contact with the bulb and skin should be avoided. The suitable distance will be 5-6 cm.

Price: $130.00


Silhouet-Tone Stool with Backrest / Contoured

Purpose: For aestheticians who need the convenience and stability of 5 rolling casters for quick access to supplies.

Price: $235.00


Laundry Trolley / Large

Purpose: Laundry container - perfect for soiled towels and sheets and other items in the spa.

Price: $69.00


Clean + Easy Digital Paraffin Spa with Peach Paraffin

Purpose: The extra-large paraffin reservoir ensures complete comfort for hands, wrists, elbows, and feet while the slanted grid helps keep paraffin free of debris.

Price: $150.00


Taiji Small Towel Cabi / 110V

High quality and UL® Listed.

Price: $395.00


Belvedere Plush Styling Chair

Purpose: Styling chair.

Price: $1,065.00


Belvedere Admiral Barber Chair

Price: $1,969.00


Belvedere Arrojo Styling Chair

Price: $1,043.00


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