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Taiji Standard Cabi w/UV / 110V

Price From: $595.00 - $695.00


8-in-1 DermiSystem

Purpose: This heavy-duty facial system combines a variety of facial equipment functions in one unit.

Price: $1,695.00


8-in-1 Facial System

Purpose: This heavy-duty Facial System combines a variety of facial equipment functions in one unit.
Benefits: Each unit includes high frequency, galvanic, vacuum/spray, rotary brush, steamer with ozone, 3 diopter magnifying lamp, woods lamp, stand with castors, accessory holder, and a complimentary pen electrode.

It has a contemporary design and a console style control panel.

Price: $1,595.00


3-in-1 Facial System w/Steamer, Mag Lamp & High Frequency

Benefits: - Automatically powers off when the water level is low.

- Immediate water refill during use.

- Silent operation.

Price: $499.00


Aromatic Economy Steamer

Purpose: This Aromatic Facial Steamer is used to improve blood circulation, open the pores, and generally revitalize the skin.

Price: $385.00


The Orb

Purpose: Warms product and skin care.
Benefits: - Light heat indicators

- Skincare product remains at constant temperature for an hour

- Guarantee product dosage

Price: $275.00


Facial Steamer w/Ozone & Stand

Benefits: -Automatically powers off when water level is low.

-Immediate water refill.

-No constant ding or tick allowing for ”Silent Operation”

Price: $275.00


Elite Wax Warmer

Purpose: Individual heater control allows the use of one or both compartments.
Benefits: It offers a wide range of temperatures, an easy-to-read temperature control, an indicator light, and rapid heating.

Price From: $79.95 - $129.95


Equipment Cart w/Drawers

Purpose: This heavy-duty Equipment Cart with Drawers is sturdy enough to hold all of your spa/salon equipment. Each arm has a holder/well that accommodates a mag lamp.
Benefits: - Heavy-duty - sturdy enough to hold all of your spa/salon equipment.

- Contains 2 easy-to-open drawers and two shelves.

- Each arm has a holder/well that accommodates a mag lamp.

- Has 4 rolling casters for ease of movement.

- Each shelf has two metal retaining rods at the rear of the shelf to keep objects from sliding off the back.

- Easy-to-assemble.

Price: $205.00


Magnifying Lamp LED w/5 Diopter & Stand

Purpose: Magnifying lamp - use to diagnose skin conditions.
Benefits: - UL approved.

- Stand included.

- Uses energy-efficient, cost effective LED lights.

Price: $185.00


Satin Smooth Wax Warmers

Benefits: Has independent warming wells with individual on/off switches and temperature control dials; Designed to fit most brands of 14 oz. wax cans.

Price From: $69.99 - $179.99


Electric Lotion Warmers

Purpose: Used to warm bottles of massage oil and lotion.
Benefits: - UL Listed.

- Has an adjustable temperature control with industrial-rated heating elements, and a maximum temperature limit of 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

- Has a lighted On/Off power switch and a hospital-grade power cord.

- Has an original uni-sleeve design with isolated electrical components.

- Holds 2-8 oz. bottles.

Price From: $129.00 - $189.00


Bio-Therapeutic bt-micro

Purpose: Extremely effective as a stand alone tool or used in conjunction with other technology services.


Hydraulic Facial Chair

Benefits: - Swivels 360 degrees with a super heavy-duty hydraulic pump housed in a steel base.

- Foot operated easy usage hydraulic system controls up, down, and lock functions.

- Designed to lie flat or upward to a 65-degree angle for all purposes.

- Can go totally flat.

- The Head Rest comes off the bed, completely removable.

- Both arms are removable.

- Comes with a face hole.

- Holds up to 150 kg = 330 pounds.

Price: $749.00


Paragon Equipment Trolley w/Drawer

Purpose: Used to store equipment and supplies.
Benefits: - Preassembled - ready to use.

- Has 3 shelves and a single drawer.

- Equipped with a 4-outlet power strip.

- Extremely sturdy.

- Has retaining bars at the back of the shelves to keep objects from slipping off the back.

- Has four casters for easy mobility.

Price: $310.00


Touch America Mini Towel Cabi with UV / Silver / 110V

Purpose: This conveniently sized Mini Cabi is great for supplying wet or dry heated towels to clients for comfort.
Benefits: Conveniently sized

Stainless Steel color

170 F average temp

7.5 liter capacity

Holds ten hand towels

Price: $199.00


Touch America Towel Cabi with UV / Silver / 110V

Benefits: Sharp stainless Steel color

170 F average temp

18 liter capacity

Comes with two wire baskets

Holds 20 hand towels

Price: $299.00


Towel Cabi w/UV / Double

Purpose: The Double Hot Towel Cabi with UV has two compartments with dual controls that hold approximately 48 wash cloths.
Benefits: -Each compartment has a single wire rack and the top compartment has a UV light to help sanitize surfaces.

-The doors open to the right and feature magnetic latches.

-Holds approximately 48 wash cloths

Price: $299.00


High Frequency / Hand Held

Purpose: High Frequency units emits ultraviolet rays that can benefit the skin in many ways. The use of ultraviolet rays on the skin's surface increases glandular activity, stimulates the circulation of blood, creates a germicidal action, increases metabolism, and helps skin care products penetrate the deeper layers of skin.
Benefits: Increases glandular activity, stimulates the circulation of blood, creates a germicidal action, increases metabolism, and helps skin care products penetrate the deeper layers of skin.

Price: $195.00


Living Earth Crafts Pro Salon Contemporary Table

Purpose: Applications:

Massage, Facial, Waxing, Permanent Makeup, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Body Wrap, Body Polish, Detox Therapy, Cellulite Therapy, Reflexology, Hydrating Skin Therapy, Medi-Spa Treatments, Microdermabrasion, Laser Hair Removal, IPL, Thermage
Benefits: - Quietech™ Electric Hydraulic Lift System - Combines innovation, design and technology with its state-of-the-art hydraulic lift and motor system. A 7-point sound attenuation system specifically addresses performance, strength, stability, and noise.

- Electric Salon Top - The luxuriously upholstered head and leg sections of the Pro Salon articulate with the push of a button for the ultimate in comfort. The strength of Atlas is found in the superior support system. Clients can safely sit anywhere on the table top “while lifting”.

- Cabinet Base - Ideal for storage and extra supplies.

- Electrified and Hot Towel Cabbie Ready … Has an internal surge protected outlet strip so you can add a hot towel cabbie at any time. Convenient location so warm towels can be available within an easy hand’s reach.

- Strata™ 4” Memory Foam - Combines state-of-the-art Q-foams, memory foam, and a specially formulated bounce back layer for the ultimate in comfort.

- Natursoft™ Vinyl offers a luxurious silky-smooth feel. Available in a delicious assortment of rich spa colors to complement any design scheme.

Price: $4,795.00


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