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Plastic Cups / 250 count

Price From:$6.99 - $11.50

Plastic Lids / 100 count

Price From:$3.30 - $5.75

Menda Pure Touch Liquid Pump

Price From:$31.50 - $32.50

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Plastic Cups / 250 count

Purpose: Ideal for mixing lash tints.

Price From: $6.99 - $11.50


Plastic Lids / 100 count

Price From: $3.30 - $5.75


Menda Pure Touch Liquid Pump

Purpose: - Used to dispense any liquids used in the spa including alcohol, toner, nail polish remover, and brush cleaner.
- Perfect for any product that is applied with a cotton ball, wipe, or swab.

Price From: $31.50 - $32.50


Sundry Jar w/Stainless Steel Lid / Glass

Purpose: Holds a variety of items.

Price: $11.99


Oil Holsters

Purpose: Hand wash using mild detergent, rinse, and air dry.

Price From: $9.95 - $11.95


Acrylic Apothecary Jar

Price From: $8.00 - $16.00


Menda One Touch Liquid Pump

Price From: $30.50 - $32.00


Ceramic Dispenser / 16oz

They feature a leak-proof, non-porous lined interior that prevents liquid from seeping through the bottom of the dispenser and leaking onto countertops. Also, liquids won’t become tainted or spoiled as a result of coming into contact with the dispenser’s ceramic material.

Price: $38.50


Bottle with Pump / 8oz

Purpose: Keeps product conveniently at your side during a massage. Great for use in our single or double oil holsters.

Price: $3.75


Aviva Dispensers / Satin Silver

Purpose: Installs in minutes on any wall surface with double-faced tape and silicone mounting adhesive (included). On some surfaces you might choose screws and plugs (also included).


Supply Organizer

Purpose: Multi-purpose unit designed to organize spa amenities such as disposables, implements, brushes, files, etc.

Price: $9.25


Amenity Jar / Clear Square w/Clear Cap / .35oz / 10pc

Purpose: Perfect for filling with creams or samples of other products for your clients.

Price: $4.99


Dropper Bottle / Cobalt Blue

Purpose: - Used to store liquid products.
- Protects essential oils from photodamage.

Price From: $1.70 - $1.99


Simple Human Stainless Steel Trash Can / 9.25 Gallon

This classic round trash can is updated with the smartbucket™ bag change system, which eliminates messy bag overhang, and new ergonomic features.

Price: $72.00


Ultronics Ultracare Organizer

Purpose: Used to disinfect combs, brushes, and shears.

Instructions: Fill plastic beaker with water to below ””fill line”” (48 oz.) Add 3/4 oz. Ultracare Disinfectant Cleaner Concentrate, and insert basket to mix the solution. Place precleaned combs, brushes, shears, clippers, razors, manicure and skin care implements into basket and immerse for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry before use. Change solution daily for maximum effectiveness. Plastic implements may remain immersed until ready to use. Stainless Steel shears and other metal implements must be removed after 10 minutes, rinsed, dried and kept in a clean, non-contaminated receptacle.

Price: $52.00


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Staff Picks

Plastic Cups / 250 count

Price From:$6.99 - $11.50

Plastic Lids / 100 count

Price From:$3.30 - $5.75

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