Stones, Massage & Meditation

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Derm-A-Globe / 1ct

Reduces redness, irritation, and inflammation of the skin caused by waxing, chemical peels, extractions, and deep cleansing.

Price From: $84.00 - $95.00


Sa-Wan Herbal Balls / Body / 5.3oz / 2pc

Purpose: Soak the herbal ball in water up to the handle for several minutes. Steam the herbal ball for 10-15 minutes before use. Apply the herbal ball on the body as treatment requires. (Caution: The heated herbal compress maybe hot when handled. Always test the temperature before applying to the skin.)

Price: $14.25


Sa-Wan Thai Coconut Massage Balls / 3.5oz / 2pc

Purpose: Wet ball for 2 minutes; steam for 10 minutes before use.


Bamboo-fusion Warm Bamboo Stick Set

Purpose: Slightly warm the bamboo in a digital heating pad, not to exceed 105 degrees. If you do not have a digital heating pad, set the heating pad on the lowest setting. Do not heat in a hot towel cabi.

Care and cleaning: It’s fast and easy! After each treatment, clean each bamboo piece by misting with isopropyl alcohol or an antibacterial wipe that does not contain bleach. Dry the sticks with a paper towel or soft dry cloth.

Price: $129.95


Theratools Stone Set / Facial / 35pc

Purpose: The certified facial set is designed to allow estheticians and massage therapists to perform a hot stone facial as well as providing the tools to help relax the musculature of the neck, shoulders, hands, and feet.

Price: $59.95


Theratools Stone Set / Medium / 8pc

Purpose: Medium Stones are perfect for use in larger areas that have bony prominences, such as the arms, the legs, and the back. They can be used for direct pressure or as an adjunct to the therapist’s hands.

Price: $25.95


Palm Massager / Assorted


To Clean : Wipe with Rubbing alcohol, Keep in Dry Environment


Theratools Stone Set / Large / 4pc

Purpose: Large Stones are for direct use on the client in areas where there is a lot of dense muscle, such as the pectorals or the thighs. They can also be used as a second set of gluteal or palm stones when needed.

Price: $16.95


Prosana Marble Facial Starter Set / 7pc

Purpose: Crescent Eye Stones are good for working around the eyes using gentle and light effleurage strokes helping to tone the muscles of the eyes, lessen wrinkles and help with swelling.

Small Cheek Stone are good for working the cheek area as well as the temporomandibular joint using Swedish strokes like effleurage.

Small Face Stones are great for massaging the face, ears and neck. It can also be used to place over the eyes to bring down any swelling as well as toning the muscles of the face. The small stone can be used around the eyes and lips using gentle effleurage strokes.

The Neck/Pillow Stone is a placement stone for under the neck. This stone needs to be placed under a towel or pillowcase so as not to burn the client. This stone is used when a client gets overheated, it can also be used on a client that has a headache with the combination of hot as well.

Price: $82.95


Shiatsu Back Massager

-Soft Knobs - works on muscle knots that are hard to reach
-Decreases back tension and stiffness
-Improves Blood Circulation and flexibility
-Adjustable Knobs can be turned 180 degrees


Bon Vital Organica Massage Lotion

Price From: $0.31 - $49.70


Rose Quartz Wand

Rose Quartz promotes forgiveness and offers inner peace.


Rose Quartz Hearts / 25mm / 20pc

Purpose: Rose quartz is known by some to help erase heartache, relieve loneliness, promote forgiveness, and offer inner peace.


Theratools Cold Marble Eye Stone / 2pc

Purpose: Use during facials and other treatments.

Price: $35.95


Prosana Toe Stone Set / 8pc

Purpose: Use this set alone or while performing other salon, spa, and massage treatments.

Price: $13.95


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