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Control Corrective Glycolic Peel 33% / 8oz

Purpose: Use for all non-sensitive skin that is sluggish, unevenly textured, or acne-prone.


Alchimie Forever Brightening Peel / 0.17oz / 20 Count

-Immediate firming and tightening effect
-Anti-aging properties
-Antioxidant effect
-Evens out pigment
-Refines pores
-Exfoliates and smoothes skin
-Minimizes acne and breakouts
-Facilitates extractions


Control Corrective Lactic Green Tea Peel 25% / 4oz

Purpose: For all skin types and hyperpigmented, dry, and dull skin.


Bon Vital Spa Sugar Scrub

Non-sticky and easy rinse-off formula.

Price From: $16.75 - $65.49


Control Corrective Beta Peel 22% / 6oz

Purpose: Use for all skin types, active acne, or acne-prone skin.


SpaRitual Organic Sugar Scrub / Infinitely Loving

Purpose: Scrub in light, circular motion onto damp skin. Rinse well with warm water. Blot dry and follow with moisturizing lotion. Close lid tightly after each use. Store in cool, dry place.

Price From: $20.00 - $99.00


Biotone Micro-Buff Body Polish

Purpose: Refines skin.

Price From: $46.25 - $97.45


Soothing Touch Brown Sugar Scrub / Unscented / 15lbs

Purpose: Use this Unscented Brown Sugar Scrub for your own custom recipe.

Price: $87.99


Control Corrective Revitalizing Cream Peel / 6oz

Purpose: All skin types and hyperpigmented, dry, and dull skin.


Control Corrective Dermal Flash Peel / 4oz

Purpose: Use for all non-sensitive skin, mature, or sun damaged skin with poor elasticity.


Control Corrective Vitamin A Micro Peel / 4oz

Purpose: Use for non-sensitive skin types with uneven texture, photo damage, or hyperpigmentation.


Control Corrective Professional Chemical Peel Kit

Purpose: These treatments are meant to be performed by licensed skin care professionals only. As with most professional chemical peels, there are basic precautions that one must take.

Patch testing 24 hours before the full facial application of any new peel is always recommended.

Never peel recently waxed, abraded, or lasered areas. A client should wait at least a week after these services prior to peels.

All these peels should be avoided by clients that are suffering from lupus, cancer, eczema on their face, on Accutane, actively using Retin A or similar.

Peels make the client's skin more photo sensitive, so always finish treatment with an SPF 30 +.

Have a fan handy for clients that are a bit sensitive to the temporary stinging and/or warmth that is commonly experienced while the peels are on the face.


Soothing Touch Herbal Salt Scrub / Lavender

Price From: $9.59 - $87.99


Control Corrective Jessner Peel / 4oz

Purpose: Use for all non-sensitive skin types who have already had AHA peels or microdermabrasion treatments but want to take anti-aging results to a deeper level.


SpaRitual Scrub Masque / Affirming

Purpose: Gently exfoliates and refines the skin for a more streamlined manicure, pedicure, or body treatment. Micro-algae smoothes rough areas and sloughs off dead skin cells, preparing the skin to receive the benefits of ginger.


Alchimie Forever Gentle Refining Scrub

-Brightens and evens out skin tone
-Removes dead skin cells
-Nourishes and softens rough skin
-Anti-aging effects


Cosme Proud Gold Revitalizer / 1.8oz

Purpose: 1. After cleansing the face, spread Gold Revitalizer evenly over the skin.
2. Using your fingertips, lightly massage the face until the Gold Revitalizer disappears.
3. Allow the face to dry for 30-60 seconds.
4. Massage the face again. When old skin cells start to come off, rinse away with cool or tepid water.
5. Finish with Platinum Deep Treatment or Gold Amber Rich Lotion.


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