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Prosana Detox Herbal Blend / 1lb

Purpose: Use for treatment wraps or baths.

Price From: $19.95


ESS Empty Poultice Bag

Purpose: Used to wrap herbs in the Hot Poultice Treatment.

Price From: $1.50 - $2.50


Spa Pantry Chamomile Leaf / 1lb

Purpose: Chamomile is a classic calming herb.

Price: $13.50


Spa Pantry Whole Rosemary / 1lb

Purpose: You can use rosemary in a soak as an analgesic and muscle stimulant

Price: $4.50


Spa Pantry Eucalyptus Leaf / 1lb

Purpose: Take fresh Eucalyptus leaves, place a handful in boiling water and inhale the steamy vapor. Add to a herbal bath or bath powder.

Price: $5.75


Spa Pantry Strawberry Leaves / 1lb

Purpose: Dried strawberry leaves can be used as additions to facial astringents or facial scrubs.

Price: $8.45


Spa Pantry Bilberry Leaves / 1lb

Purpose: Enhances aspect of any spa treatment, including soaks.

Price: $12.75


1-15 of 15 Items

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