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Control Corrective Zyme Peel Powder / 8oz

Purpose: All skin types.


Control Corrective Firm and Lift Mask Powder / 4oz

Purpose: Use for all skin and mature or sun damaged skin that has lost elasticity and tone.


Spa Pantry Powder / Coconut / 1lb

Purpose: Gently exfoliates skin.

Price: $29.50


Control Corrective Vitamin C Brightening Mask Powder / 8oz

Purpose: Use for all skin types, sun damaged and hyperpigmented skin, active acne, or acne-prone skin.


Spa Pantry Powder / Oatmeal / 1lb

Purpose: Hydrates and soothes skin.

Price: $14.95


Spa Pantry Honey Powder / 8oz

Purpose: An equal replacement for liquid honey, use 3/4 parts honey powder and 1/4 part water.


Gehwol Med Foot Powder / 3.52oz

Purpose: Dust your feet with the foot powder once daily. For best results, sprinkle your socks with the powder as well.


Spa Pantry Low Fat Milk Powder / 1 Lb

Purpose: Great for Spa Pantryâ„¢ recipes.

Price: $8.75


Spa Pantry Rose Hip Powder / 1lb

Purpose: It helps protect the skin from capillary damage and firms and tones skin tissues.

Price: $9.95


Spa Pantry Cocoa Powder / 8oz

Purpose: Chocolate blocks can be finely grated and chocolate easily mixes with other ingredients.

Price: $3.75


Spa Pantry Powder / Carrot / 1lb

Purpose: Carrot powder may be used in scrubs, hydrotherapy, body wraps, masks, lotions, and muds.

Price: $10.50


Spa Pantry Powder / Peppermint Leaf / 1lb

Purpose: An excellent alternative wherever a recipe calls for the benefits of Peppermint Leaf, but the herb does not fit the treatment.

Price: $8.50


Spa Pantry Powder / Rosemary / 1lb

Purpose: Excellent alternative wherever a recipe calls for the benefits of Rosemary, but the herb does not fit the treatment.

Price: $4.50


Spa Pantry Powder / Rice Bran / 1lb

Purpose: Excellent for washing away oil and dirt from the skin and clearing blemishes.

Price: $13.95


1-17 of 17 Items

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