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Nufree Double Jar Pack / 16oz

Free Finipil Pro Packettes


Plum Smooth Strip Wax / Cotton Candy / 16oz

Purpose: All-purpose depilatory wax used for facial, body, or bikini waxing services. Can be used on all skin types.

Price: $13.99


Cirepil Ease

Purpose: Apply as thinly as possible and remove with Cirepil Non Woven Strips (C2503T).


Cirepil Cristal Ocean

Purpose: Heat at a low temperature. Ideal for all clients, especially those with sensitive skin.


Cirepil Forte

Purpose: Apply as thinly as possible and remove with Cirepil Non Woven Strips (C2503T).


Depileve Wax / Azulene Cream Rosin / 14oz

Purpose: It’s excellent for removing hairs on bikini line, underarms, and facial areas.

Price: $15.99


Depileve Wax / Pearl Rosin / 14oz

Purpose: Great for all areas and skin types.

Price: $15.99


Depileve Wax / Lavender Rosin / 14oz

Purpose: It is the perfect wax for removing hairs on legs, bikini line, underarms, and facial areas, and it leaves skin smooth and soft.

Price: $15.99


Cirepil Nacree Blanche

Purpose: Can be heated at a very low temperature.


Nufree Mini Double Jar Pack / 8oz

FREE finipil Pro packettes


Amber Depilatory Wax / Turquoise

Purpose: All-purpose strip wax that is ideal for sensitive, allergic, and fragile skinned clients.

Price From: $19.00 - $19.95


Amber Depilatory Wax / Cream

Purpose: All-purpose strip wax that is ideal for short, coarse, stubborn hair. Great for normal and sensitive skin types.

Price From: $14.95 - $15.45


Amber Depilatory Wax / Classic

Purpose: All-purpose strip wax that is ideal for speed waxing.

Price From: $14.95 - $26.95


Plum Smooth Sweet Plum Soft Wax / 16oz

- Specially formulated to melt at low temperatures.
- Easy to use.
- Less painful to clients.
- Comes in a 16 oz. can so you get 14.3% more wax at a better price!


Cirepil Escapade Provencal Lavender

Purpose: • Heat the wax about 20-30 minutes until it becomes fluid. The wax should be warm when applied on the skin.

• Pre-test the wax your wrist before the first application.

• Cleanse the area to be treated with the Escential Rose Water.

• Determine the direction of the hair growth.

• If the skin is dry or cold apply a very small amount of the Escential Jasmine Oil, this will make the treatment more comfortable for the client also the removal of the wax easier and more effective for the Therapist.


Nufree Refill Kit / 16oz

Two Free 16oz jars of NuFree.


Satin Smooth Honey Soft Wax

Purpose: Use for large body areas.


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