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Amika Go-Go Travel Set / Obliphica

Mini Ceramic Styler Benefits:

-Being an ideal heat conductor, ceramic keeps the temperature constant and does not over heat or burn the hair.

-The far-infrared heat releases the hair’s natural oils and minerals while sealing the cuticles, leaving hair soft, shiny and frizz-free.

-The far-infrared wavelengths directly penetrate the root of the hair, heating the hair from the inside out. This allows for faster styling that exposes the hair to less heat, making it significantly gentler on the hair. -The floating plate design allows for a smoother styling process and prevents tugging or breaking of the hair.

-The plates adjust to the hair’s density to reduce pulling, making the styler perfect for all hair types.

-The floating plates design allows you to create straight, wavy or curly hairstyles without creases.

-Small plate size makes it perfect for touch-ups and on-the-go styling

Mini Ionic Dryer Benefits:

-The tourmaline-infused ceramic components emit maximum ionic and far-infrared energy that eliminates frizz and static, while shortening drying time. -Gives you styling versatility

-The dual voltage feature makes this styler perfect for traveling.

Obliphica 30ml (1 oz.) Oil Treatment Benefits:

-Sea buckthorn berry has an unusually high percentage of the rare Omega 7.

-Omega 7 protects, replenishes, moisturizes and restores the hair’s natural balance.

-Sea buckthorn berry contains a high concentration of vitamin C, omegas 3,6 and 9, that together with omega 7, produce collagen resulting in healthier, stronger hair.

-The combination of jojoba oil and the sea buckthorn berry oil improves shine and elasticity while sealing split ends.

-Restores balance, repairs and hydrates the hair resulting in frizz-free, shiny hair.

-Very light weight ...


Marinello Custom Makeup Kit

Great variety!

Price: $90.00


Eco-Fin Professional Trial Kit / Hand

Try Eco-fin with minimal investment!

Price: $35.95


Control Corrective Professional Chemical Peel Kit

Purpose: These treatments are meant to be performed by licensed skin care professionals only. As with most professional chemical peels, there are basic precautions that one must take.

Patch testing 24 hours before the full facial application of any new peel is always recommended.

Never peel recently waxed, abraded, or lasered areas. A client should wait at least a week after these services prior to peels.

All these peels should be avoided by clients that are suffering from lupus, cancer, eczema on their face, on Accutane, actively using Retin A or similar.

Peels make the client's skin more photo sensitive, so always finish treatment with an SPF 30 +.

Have a fan handy for clients that are a bit sensitive to the temporary stinging and/or warmth that is commonly experienced while the peels are on the face.
Great value! This is a great way to start getting comfortable with using the Control Corrective Skincare Systems Peels without having to purchase full sizes.


Eco-Fin Professional Trial Kit / Foot

Try Eco-fin with minimal investment!

Price: $45.95


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