Sleep Wellness Programs: A Golden Opportunity

By Nancy Griffin

woman restingSleep is crucial to our emotional and physical well-being. The stresses of everyday life, however, can easily get in the way of a good night's sleep. Smart spa operators are waking up to the value sleep wellness programs can add to their treatments. Without additional expense and just a little creativity, spas can offer sleep management skills, special massage protocols, aromatherapy, and nutritional advice that will improve their clients' sleep habits and well-being.

The caveat is that even top spas struggle with creating sleep wellness programs that benefit their clients' and their bottom lines. Here are Universal Company's tips for integrating sleep management education, protocols, and home care into any type of spa operation.
Start with Education

Understanding the underlying causes of sleep deficits and offering solutions is the place to start with any sleep wellness program. Developing insomnia means that you are mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually out of balance," says sleep guru Robert deStefano, founder of deStefano Wellness Group. "Lack of sleep is a wellness deficit." A former stressed out ad exec with a bad case of insomnia, deStefano has developed a process of "Somatic Sleep Skills" and invented a set of holistic, innovative sleep aid tools.

"Everything you need to learn about creating a restful environment you can learn from a spa," according to deStefano. "Offer sleep tips and educate your clients on the importance of sleep for skin health and overall wellness. You need to teach clients the skills to put themselves to sleep well."

Elements of relaxation can include aromatherapy and massaging particular areas that hold tension. DeStefano defines 7 negative entrapment areas in the body, including areas not addressed in most massages, such as the jaw and the abdomen.

Create Stress-Reduction Treatment Protocols
Releasing acquired stress and tension is an essential component to sleep wellness. The Stress in America Survey reports 40 percent of adults lie awake at night because of stress. The Spa at Terranea in Rancho Palos Verdes, California has taken sleep wellness to a whole other level, offering treatments based on the body's natural circadian rhythm. In early morning, the body begins a slow process: temperature increases, blood pressure elevates, and hormonal levels rise to prepare you for the day's activities. Around mid-afternoon, the natural biological process reverses: your body temperature begins a slow, steady cooling, blood pressure drops and hormones encourage relaxation and sleep. Mirroring this cycle, The Spa at Terranea recommends different treatments for morning and mid-afternoon to maximize the natural benefits to their guests' well-being.

Retail Items That Create a Home Spa Sanctuary
From aromas, music, and the magic of touch, spas create the ideal environment for total relaxation. Help your clients recreate the spa experience at home. "Spas need to connect the dots from the treatment room to their clients' homes," says deStefano. "Your clients can leave the spa after a treatment and continue the same lifestyle, or you can encourage them to make lasting change."

It is essential that your sleep-deprived client leave with some tools to improve their rest. "Give your clients the tools, know-how, and process to get a better night's sleep, and they will be back. The therapist should say 'take these tools home with you and practice this process.' When you become a source of knowledge, your treatments have more value and meaning," deStefano explains.

Educate your clients on how to create a spa sanctuary in their bathroom and bedroom. Here are some suggestions available from Universal Companies:

Farmaesthetics® Field Lavender Bath Salts- Lavender essential oil is a calming scent that is highly valued for relaxing muscles and inducing a restful sleep. Studies show that soaking in warm waters leaves you relaxed, smoothing the transition into a deep sleep. Encourage your guest to make a nightly bath a ritual.

White Lion® Organic Citrus Chamomile Tea - Non-caffeinated herbal tea is the ideal nighttime ritual. Chamomile tea is used to reduce stress and promote relaxation and restful sleep. It was used thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt, and was first used in Europe in 1600, to help with insomnia, back pain, rheumatism, neuralgia, and nervousness.

Spa Moments® Music & Herbal Wraps. These are the perfect gifts for the insomniacs in your clients' lives. Ambient music on Spa Moments CDs surrounds the senses with a wide variety of instrumental stylings and nature sounds. Fragrant, microwavable herbal packs promote relaxation and soothe tense muscles to encourage better sleep.

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