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Brand Inspirations

  • Massage Away Stress & Help Clients Feel & Look Rejuvenated

    Date: 3/26/12 Help your massage clients live life to the fullest and forget their age! This body massage oil, made with natural ingredients from Spa Pantry, will make them feel the optimism of their youth.
  • 3 Beauty Products to Help You Get Over Winter

    Date: 1/24/17 If you're wondering what will appeal to your guests this spring, we're loving a few products for the spa and home that make the seasonal transition especially delightful.
  • Add Pumpkin to the Menu–1 Masque, 3 Ways

    Date: 8/27/15 As you decide on which seasonal treatments to offer, consider creating a consistent theme for all of your spa services. To make this process simple and cost effective, here are 3 treatments using the Bella Lucce Warming Pumpkin Masque.
  • Bella Luccè Amazonian Guavaberry Pedicure

    Date: 6/12/13 Bella Luccè invites you to travel to one of the most exotic locales on earth, shrouded in mystery and overflowing with native wildlife. Our Amazonian Guavaberry Pedicure harnesses the power of potent antioxidants and essential vitamins- the building blocks of radiant skin with an array of responsibly-harvested, sustainable ingredients direct from South America.
  • Build Your Business with Brands

    Date: 7/7/11 Brands are fundamental to your business. The right brand can help differentiate your business, deliver client satisfaction, and drive revenues. But how do you get started?
  • The Control Corrective Skincare Systems Story

    Date: 5/25/11 Discover the history and inspiration behind this advanced skin care line, as told by its Founder, Ellen Clark.
  • ESSence of Fall

    Date: 8/24/16
  • Create the ESSence of Winter with Aromatherapy

    Date: 11/3/15 Create spaces in your spa where clients can find comfort in aromatherapeutic treatments and signature scents. Here are four easy aromatherapy recipes that may just make winter their favorite season!
  • Dress Your Table with Sposh

    Date: 9/16/14
  • Enchant Your Guests
    with Seasonal Enhancements

    Date: 8/20/13 Prevent dry, chapped hands while brightening and softening the skin with Alchimie Forever skin care. Or reveal radiant, youthful and firm skin with the Alchimie’s Forever signature décolletage enhancement.
  • Weary of Winter Weather? Try These Aromatherapy Pick-Me-Ups!

    Date: 1/5/15 More than anything, what your clients are longing for this time of year is simple comfort, in your treatment room and at home. You can handle that, right? You can if you have the right essential oils and blends on hand for treatment room therapists and spa boutique shoppers.
  • Find the ESSence of Summer with Aromatherapy

    Date: 4/29/16 Summer is the season of our greatest anticipation and fondest memories. Create both in your spa with these aromatherapy recipes for diffusing, massage, and body treatments. Your clients will look forward to their appointments and the memory of your spa will linger long after their treatments are finished.
  • Find the ESSence of Summer in Aromatherapy

    Date: 5/18/15 Get creative and mix your own seasonal ESS® Aromatherapy blends to make treatments extra special for clients. Each of these recipes is inspired by the beautiful scents of summer that make us feel good inside!
  • Get Inspired with Pure-ssage - The Natural Choice for Massage!

    Date: 4/5/11 Looking to change up your massage menu? Want to offer signature treatments and customized massage for each of your clients? Pure-ssage makes it simple with massage oil, cream, and lotions that are 100% pure and natural, economical, unscented, and free of nut oils and parabens.
  • Help Take the Heat out of Sunburn with ESS Aromatherapy

    Date: 5/15/15 ESS Aromatherapy Sunburn Relief recipe provides a hydrating blend of essential oils and coconut carrier oil to not only ease the burn, but also nourish and replenish the skin’s moisture level.
  • Here Come the Brides! Is Your Spa Ready?

    Date: 3/28/16 With a steady procession of wedding party members, the upcoming nuptials can be cause for celebration in your spa, as your revenue increases with bridal business. The key is to be ready with treatments and retail products the bride and groom need to make their special day absolutely perfect and say, “I do” to your spa menu.
  • Mirabella Completes the Spa Experience!

    Date: 4/5/11 As the #1 cosmetics brand used personally by beauty professionals, Mirabella provides contemporary cosmetic products in timeless and trendy colors for all skin tones, plus professional artistry tools and protocols to help women create the "Oh, Wow!" feeling at home that they get when they look in the mirror after a spa make-up experience.
  • Make Your Own Nutritive Face Cleanser

    Date: 4/9/12 A facial cleanser that is gentle and effective is an absolute necessity in your treatment room. But who says a facial cleanser can’t have other beneficial properties, as well? Add value to your facial services with this easy-to-make Nutritive Face Cleanser and Make-up Remover.
  • Scent Brand Your Spa with Aromatherapy

    Date: 5/4/15 Purposefully using scents in your business can also create desired moods and impressions, inducing an emotional response and triggering a deeper connection with your guests. Suddenly their spa experience becomes the nostalgic memory sparked by a particular scent. The positive feelings they had during their visit are part of an imprinted memory tied to the olfactory receptors that were stimulated in your spa.
  • Soothing Oatmeal Hydrotherapy for Sunburn

    Date: 4/15/13 Oatmeal is great for summer! Just blend ingredients and add to warm running bath water to soothe dry, itchy, and sunburned skin. Also calms irritation from poison ivy and oak, bug bites, chicken pox, and eczema.
  • The Nouveau Collection from Sposh

    Date: 9/12/14
  • Spring Forward with Beauty!

    Date: 3/13/14 If you’re wondering what will appeal to your guests this spring, we have some great ideas and products for your treatment rooms and retail boutique.
  • We Love Spring (and Beauty Products that Help Us Get Over Winter)!

    Date: 1/19/16 If you’re wondering what will appeal to your guests this spring, we’re loving a few products for spa and home that make the seasonal transition especially delightful.
  • Take Guys from Shaggy to Smooth with 4 Beard Oil Recipes

    Date: 10/19/16 In addition to keeping beards looking their best, grooming oil also helps nourish skin and relieve dryness and itching. Whether you’re a barber, cosmetologist, or esthetician, you can blend your own natural beard oils with these ESS® Aromatherapy recipes.
  • Under Acupressure: The Spoonk Mat in Your Spa

    Date: 8/23/16 Learn the benefits of the Spoonk acupressure mat, for treatments in the spa and beyond!
  • We Love Alchimie Forever Pigment Lightening Serum!

    Date: 5/27/15 This new serum is packed with powerful ingredients that reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone, pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles, and smooth and plump the skin.
  • We ♥ Aspen Yoga Mats!

    Date: 5/6/14 Why do we love Aspen Yoga Mats? Here are 4 reasons:
  • We Love Bath Roses

    Date: 11/10/15 To love my new tub is to also love Bath Roses.
  • We ♥ ESS Aromatherapy!

    Date: 1/5/15 It’s no secret that the ESS brand of essential and carrier oils, blends, and other great aromatherapy products is our favorite, hands down. But did you know that the ESS Aromatherapy line also includes certified organic essential and carrier oils?
  • We Love the Bella Luccè Warming Pumpkin Masque!

    Date: 7/9/15 Don’t miss the chance to try the Warming Pumpkin Masque from Bella Luccè. A true treat, this skin-revitalizing masque is soothing and effective.
  • We Love This: Spa Pro Escape Diffuser
    and Humidifier

    Date: 7/12/13 Every month we plan to share information about one of the products that’s caught our fancy, and one of our most wanted new items this year is the Escape Diffuser & Humidifier from Spa Pro.
  • Beyond the Treatment Room: 5 Uses for Facial Mists

    Date: 4/25/16
  • 3 Easy Hairstyles Your Clients Will Love

    Date: 8/26/12 Offer a styling consultation as a fast and easy upsell or an enhancement to the usual salon appointment and show your clients one or more of these simple, elegant ways they can deal with their hair in the morning and get out of the house on time looking fabulous.
  • How to Survive the Holidays with Less Stress & Better Health

    Date: 11/1/12 Ready or not, the holidays will arrive bringing long hours and an elevated stress level that affects not only your clients, but you and your staff, as well. What about a plan for YOU to de-stress and stay well through the holiday season? Because it’s less likely that you have one of those, here are a few tips to keep you at the top of your game well into 2013.
  • We Love Farmaesthetics®
    Nourishing Lavender Milk!

    Date: 12/3/13 Emily G. left a rave review for Farmaesthetics Nourishing Lavender Milk on our website, and we couldn’t agree more! Voted “Favorite Organic Product” by Harper's Bazaar's beauty editor, this light, luscious, all-over complexion lotion is a favorite with our customers and our staff.
  • Express Eye Firm Treatment

    Date: 7/14/14 The Express Eye Firm Treatment from Control Corrective Skincare Systems is a perfect example of a quick service with quick results.
  • Bella Luccè Hot Guava & Coconut
    Milk Body Cocoon

    Date: 6/12/13 Bella Luccè® invites you to travel to one of the most exotic locales on earth, shrouded in mystery and overflowing with native wildlife. Our Hot Guava & Coconut Milk Body Cocoon harnesses the power of potent antioxidants and essential vitamins?the building blocks of radiant skin?with an array of sustainable ingredients direct from South America. The end result is beautiful skin, saturated with antioxidants and better suited to fight free radical damage and slow the aging process.
  • The Looks by Essie

    Date: 5/9/14
  • Shape up Your Bottom Line in the New Year

    Date: 11/28/11 It may be easier than you think to offer motivated clients appealing “New Year, New You” options on your treatment menu and in your retail shop. It’s a smart strategy to keep your clients happy and start your New Year off with a nice revenue boost. Here are a dozen ideas to get you started.

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The Sustainable Spa

  • 11 Easy Green Spa Tips

    Date: 3/3/15
  • 11 Ways Realists Can Manage Stress

    Date: 7/30/15 This article provides stress-reduction tips for those who lack a calm, Zen-like approach to problem-solving.
  • 5 Steps for a Post-Holiday Detox

    Date: 12/15/16 You’re a spa professional, so you’ve probably heard of and maybe even attempted to do a detox, but most likely, when you hear the word “detox,” you think of a juice cleanse or a lemon water fast, right? It’s a great way to reset the body. But how do we reset our environment? What about our busy—and sometimes chaotic—lives?
  • A New Way to Celebrate the New Year

    Date: 12/8/14 Want to start the new year off right? Here's some inspiration:
  • Get Ready to Green Your Spa

    Date: 3/16/17 If you’re looking to make your business a little greener, we’ve gathered some content to help. From natural products to business tips, there’s more than one path to greening your spa.
  • How Gratitude Enhances Well-being

    Date: 12/20/16 Did you know that practicing gratitude could be a personal wellness focus for spa professionals? The physical and psychological benefits of giving thanks are too Important and abundant to limit to an annual holiday.
  • How to "Green Clean" Your Massage Practice--the Easy Way

    Date: 3/14/16 Spring cleaning the home is an annual ritual for many, but what about spring cleaning the workplace? Maybe we should take a lesson from Mother Nature this year and not just "spring clean" but "green clean" as well.
  • Self-Care for the Nurturer: 6 Rules to Adopt Now

    Date: 1/15/16 Spa professionals preach the wellness benefits of self-care, but do we actually practice it ourselves?
  • Sustain & Gain: Greenify Your Spa, Reduce Costs, and Help the Planet

    Date: 1/26/16 There are many simple, cost-effective ways to ramp up your business’ sustainability program. Let’s break it down from three perspectives: environment, social responsibility, and financial.
  • The Wisdom and Divine Qualities of Women

    Date: 6/13/12 While recently at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, I attended Julie Haber’s "Women's Wisdom & Spirituality" workshop. I took a lot away from her presentation, but her discussions on healing and liberation particularly resonated with me. As she spoke, I wrote down her words. And now as I write, I'll add mine.
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