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Cirepil Blue

- Ideal for the larger areas of the body.
- Heats at a low temperature.


Spa Essentials Esthetic Wipes

Price From: $2.55 - $7.75


Intrinsics Silken Esthetic Wipes

Purpose: Can be used for multiple spa applications including facial cleansing, extractions, nail wipes, and cleaning instruments.
- Provide a high degree of absorbency in a lint-free nonwoven design.
- Made from a soft, absorbent blend of fibers.
- Holds up well under wet or dry conditions.
- Opens from a 2x2 4-ply to a 4x4 single ply.
- Can be used for a variety of spa applications.

Price From: $2.50 - $8.99


Intrinsics Cotton Naturelles / 2in

Purpose: Ideal for facial or nail services including makeup/polish removal, cleansing and skin care, or as eye pads.
- 100% cotton pads.
- Can be used wet or dry.
- Quilt-like surface resists shredding and linting.
- Ideal for facial or nail services.

Price From: $2.40 - $47.55


Prosana Compressed Sponges

-Space saver

Price From: $7.95 - $31.25


Intrinsics Cotton Esthetic Wipes

Purpose: It can be used for any facial/body/skin service or can be used as a surface or instrument wipe.

Price From: $4.70 - $13.50


Plum Smooth Plumb Genius / 3.38oz

Purpose: For best results: Apply 2 - 3 times daily prior to hair removal, and then once daily to maintain clear skin.
-Prevents embarrassing bumps associated with hair removal.
-Contains AHAs, which shed dead skin.
-Contains glycinate, which gently cleanses.
-Contains glycerin-based humectants for moisture retention.
-Calms skin irritations associated with hair removal.


Prosana Compressed Sponges / Pink / 100pc

Space-saving and absorbent.

Price: $31.25


Spa Essentials Disposable Headbands / 48pc

Purpose: Use to protect hair and keep it away from the face during treatments.
Protects hair and keeps away from the face during treatments.

Price From: $17.99


2-in-1 Steamer & Mag Lamp

Purpose: It has the bigger 5-diopter viewing lens with a smaller 8-diopter section superimposed on the bigger area for 5 and 8 times magnification.

8-diopter section is a 1 inch circle on top of a 4.75 inch circle. If you look through the smaller circle, you see 8 mag, if you look anywhere else through the bigger circle, you see 5 mag.
- Automatically powers off when water level is low.
- Immediate water refill.
- No constant ding or tick allowing for ””Silent Operation””
- 5 and 8 diopter mag lamp

Price: $399.00


Plum Smooth Plumb Numb / 1oz

Purpose: Apply to affected area not more than 3-4 times daily. Warnings: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use in large quantities, particularly over raw surfaces or blistered areas.
Quick numbing and pain relief that begins working on contact!


Facial Steamer w/Ozone and Stand

-Automatically powers off when water level is low.
-Immediate water refill.
-No constant ding or tick allowing for ””Silent Operation””

Price: $279.00


3-in-1 Facial System w/Steamer, Mag Lamp and High Frequency

- Automatically powers off when the water level is low.
- Immediate water refill during use.
- Silent operation.

Price: $499.00


Intrinsics 12-Ply Gauze Pads

Purpose: Can be used for:
- Facial or body services
- Waxing
- Exfoliating
- Medical grade.
- 12 ply.
- Opens into a large single-ply sheets for facial or body services, waxing, exfoliation and more.

Price From: $4.10 - $12.80


Intrinsics Compressed Sponges / 75pc

Purpose: Perfect for facials.
High quality for a great price.

Price: $35.80


Daylight LED Slimline Magnifying Lamp

• Stylish and professional magnifying lamp
• Bright Daylight LEDs
• High quality 13cm/5” lenses, 1.75X and 2.25X
• Lamp brightness 6000 Lux at 15cm
• Total amount of visible light emitted in Lumens is 756
• Daylight LEDs provide high contrast and accurate color matching, making it easier and less tiring to work and see detail clearly. LEDs never need replacing and use very little energy.

Price: $175.00


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