Achieve Success with the New À la Mode Retail Program

Refresh your Retail with a little help from A la Mode partners! To get started, request a FREE 30 minute retail consultation. At À la Mode, we have a team of retail, spa, and marketing experts ready to help you build incremental, profitable revenue by improving your retail program. We offer services in all areas of retail management including:

• Planning • Marketing / Promotions
• Sales & Service • Purchasing & Product Assortment
• Inventory Management • Displays & Merchandising
• Financials  

We recognize that every spa is unique and your goals will be varied. By applying proven retail strategies to a non-traditional retail environment, À la mode will uncover opportunities for immediate and long term growth leading to higher profitability and success. Overcome your retail challenges today and pick the program that best meets your needs and goals:

  • Complimentary
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Corporate
1. Complimentary

Request a FREE 30 minute retail consultation
Monthly Newsletters
Promotional Offers
Semi-Annual Trend Report (summary only)
Retail Tips, Ideas
Access to all of the à la mode products and services through a single resource

Get Started Today!
Complete our consultation worksheet so we can work together to increase your sales, build a strong retail program, and drive incremental profitable revenue for your spa. Send your completed worksheet to Trace Ridder Wertz at

2. Coaching

At À la Mode partners, we recognize that you may have some real challenges related to retail management. Whether it’s time constraints, deficient financial resources to source new products or lack of retail expertise on the team À la Mode can help! By offering solutions for any retail challenge, we can impact your retail program significantly by applying proven retail strategies to a non-traditional environment. For only $999/year/spa (or $99/month), you can take advantage of customized services in the most affordable way possible!

Coaching Benefits Include:

  • Access to the “À la Mode Exclusives!” and proprietary in-room programs
  • Brand Enthusiast Program and Certification at the Employee Level
  • Solutions to Attach Retail Sales to Every Massage Service
  • Discounts for Onsite Consulting Projects
  • Access to All of the À la mode Products and Services through a Single Resource


  • Invitation to the Monthly “Power 10” Webinar – 10 minute retail-focused webinar for everyone on your team
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Retail Tips, Ideas


  • Phone Consultation To Keep You On Track
  • Goal Setting and Monitoring
  • Marketing Calendar Review
  • Custom Marketing Campaigns
  • Custom Retail Kits and Promotional Packages
  • Employee Incentive Programs tied into custom packages, products and promotions

Semi Annual/Annually

  • Customer Rewards Program (volume sensitive discounts)
  • Semi-Annual Trend Report (summary only)
  • Annual Trend Report – Full Report
3. Consulting

À la Mode partners will perform an onsite and in-depth analysis at your spa across a variety of topics on site at your spa: Planning, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Product Assortment, Displays/Merchandising, Sales & Service, Financials and Marketing / Promotions. Additionally, operational and procedural evaluations are optionally available to include all customer touch points. Prices vary based on scope of project. 

Within this comprehensive program utilizing our propriety analytics model, our Spa Clients receive evaluations and suggestions across a variety of topics and departments with goals, benchmarks and a plan for execution. Deliverables are assigned, monitored and updated for at least six months following the onsite visit. And, this level of service includes everything in the Coaching level above.

All programs at this level are quoted individually based on your needs and desired outcome.

4. Corporate

Everything in the Coaching and Consulting categories are available across all of your corporate properties. This is customized to your group and takes into account number of spa properties, goals, expectations and deliverables. This is for multi-location properties looking to dramatically increase retail revenue and profitability across properties around the U.S.  This level of support will engage À la mode partners to become your dedicated retail partner.

Get Started Today!
Complete our consultation worksheet so we can work together to increase your sales, build a strong retail program, and drive incremental profitable revenue for your spa. Send your completed worksheet to Tracie Ridder Wertz at

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