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You're ready for success, aren't you? Then it's time to discover the secret to brand success!

We know brands are important to your business. Successfully adopting a new brand can help differentiate your business, deliver client satisfaction, and drive revenues. Adding a new brand can also be challenging. How do you easily learn the brand story, treatment protocols, and how best to market and merchandise the brand? We have designed UC4ME Brand Rewards to help!

With UC4ME Brand Rewards, you earn dollars that can be applied to purchases of everything except retail products for your selected brand. For example, you can spend your earned dollars on purchases of back bar products as well as marketing, merchandising, and training materials. Currently participating brands include Control Corrective Skincare Systems® and Alchime Forever®. More brands are scheduled to be added to UC4ME Brand Rewards as the program grows.







Here’s how UC4ME Brand Rewards program works:

1.    Place a one-time order of $1,000 or more for one of the participating brands and we’ll automatically enroll you in the UC4ME Brands Rewards program for that brand.

2.    Start earning immediately for your select brand. You’ll bank 5% of all purchases you make of eligible brand products, beginning with your initial $1,000 order. For example, when you place your $1,000 order for Control Corrective, you immediately earn $25 to be applied to the purchase of additional Control Corrective professional products, marketing materials, and training.

3.    Spending your reward dollars is easy. We’ll keep track of your earnings. Just call to let us know how much you want to spend and what you want to buy. Any of our call center associates can help you.

4.    Take advantage of your range of membership benefits:

  • Build your training and marketing toolkits with custom classes, free technical manuals, training videos, webinars, treatment protocols, marketing tips, articles, and case studies.
  • Learn more now about Control Corrective.
  • Learn more now about Alchimie Forever.
  • Learn more about Building Your Business with Brands.
  • Stay informed on the brand with email updates on new products, promotions, training, and marketing tools.
  • Call our Skin Care and Education Resource Hotline 877.212.1976 to speak with one of our licensed estheticians.
  • Apply your reward dollars to webinars (including Jessner and TCA) and additional on-site and Skype trainings. **

5.    Continue to grow and retain your reward dollars simply by staying enrolled. It only takes a purchase of one product of your select brand every 6 months to maintain your membership.

It’s that easy. And imagine, the more you purchase, the greater your benefits!

**Current fees are $750/day and $100/hour. Fees are subject to change without notice and pending the scope of each training project.

Please Note:

Enrollment is per brand. Each participating brand requires a one-time $1,000 order. The one-time $1,000 order cannot include multiple participating brands.

Brand rewards do have not real cash value and cannot be applied as payment to account.

Brand rewards are non-transferable between accounts.

Brand rewards become null and void and are not redeemable when you are no longer qualified to remain on the program.

Minimum purchase of one additional brand product must be made every six months to remain enrolled in the program.

Program rules and benefits are subject to change.

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