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Cosme Proud Gold Revitalizer / 1.8oz

Purpose: 1. After cleansing the face, spread Gold Revitalizer evenly over the skin.
2. Using your fingertips, lightly massage the face until the Gold Revitalizer disappears.
3. Allow the face to dry for 30-60 seconds.
4. Massage the face again. When old skin cells start to come off, rinse away with cool or tepid water.
5. Finish with Platinum Deep Treatment or Gold Amber Rich Lotion.
Gold's ion treatment will completely moisturize your skin, reactivates metabolism of the cell tissue structure, ion balance creates baby smooth skin. Will not damage skin unlike peels that use acid or polish.


Cosme Proud Gold Revitarich Emulsion / 1.02oz

Purpose: Use as a final step in the Gold Facial. Spread a small amount over the face.
Contains argireline, a botanical derivative developed as an alternative to cosmetic surgery and Botox treatments.


Cosme Proud Platinum Deep Treatment / 0.8oz

Purpose: Apply to problem areas after exfoliating your client’s skin with Gold Revitalizer and applying Platinum Deep Treatment to the entire face.
Platinum has the amazing ability to resist other coalescing substances and, without changing its original form, can break down the body's negative elements. Taking advantage of these facts to convert platinum into fine particles using nanotechnology, we have succeeded in removing skin's harmful active oxygen. The nanotechnologized platinum continuously emits negative ions that restore the damaged skin's electron balance and replenish its natural cell-activating function to maintain normal skin metabolism. In addition, Platinum Deep Treatment richly contains, besides the platinum particle, many such skin-revitalizing essential elements as vitamin C derivative, aloe, retinol, allantoin, and the new argireline (excels in moisture retention). Platinum has the ability to restore skin's ionic balance, and, given its stabilized size containing the water molecule, serves as a catalyst to send electron currents deep down into the skin's pores. Continually-produced negative ions have the ability to restore the skin's balance and make beautiful skin. Restore Ionic Balance and Boost and Keep Skin Moisture Retention Level! Platinum Deep Treatment has moisture-retention effects, skin-whitening effects; repairs skin roughness; undoes blemishes, sagging skin, and wrinkles; and reactivates cell performance. In addition, the product blocks the growth of lipid peroxide, responsible for triggering blemishes, sagging skin, and wrinkles, and also slows down skin's aging process.


Cosme Proud Gold Aqua Cleansing Foam / 3.5oz

Purpose: Face wash
This never-before seen cleansing foam is based on innovative concepts. Its finely textured, creamy foam gently cleanses the face.


Cosme Proud Gold Amber Rich Lotion / 4.06oz

Purpose: Apply Gold Amber Rich Lotion to the entire face to keep it moist and appearing more youthful.
Antioxidant Properties, Whitening Effect, Moisture Retention Effect and Amazing Osmotic Ablilities. Mineral rich Amber is blended with Nanoized Gold along with 30 other active ingredients. Improves the appearance of and prevents age spots, dullness, wrinkles and sagging skin, blemish marks, and even repairs wounds.


1-8 of 8 Items

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