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Famous Names IBX Boost Duo Pack

Purpose: How to apply IBX Boost: 1. Cleanse nails with Cinnatize using a lint free wipe. 2. Apply a thin layer of IBX Boost Base over the nail plate and cap free edge. 3. Cure in a UV or LED lamp for one minute. Do not cleanse. 4. Apply a thin coat of IBX Boost to the nail plate, allowing it to self-level. Then glide the product over the entire nail, capping the free edge. 5. Cure in a UV or LED lamp for one minute. 6. For damaged, severe nails or to build additional thickness, we recommend a second coat of IBX Boost. Apply the second coat of IBX Boost as in #4 and cure as in #5. Do not cleanse before applying the coat. 7. Cleanse with IPA to remove inhibition layer and shape to desired look. Avoid thinning IBX Boost too much to avoid cracking. 8. Clients may now wear IBX Boost on their natural nails and apply any service over the top (such as gel polish).
Dream application, easy on and easy off, exceptional self-leveling minimizes buffing, no roughing of the natural nail needed prior to application, cures in one minute with UV or LED, and rebalances are easy, saving you time.


Famous Names Luxury Dadi Lotion

Based on Award-winning Dadi’®Oil. Quickly penetrating and non-greasy. Moisture retention formula increases moisture levels in the skin. Has the wonderful aroma of Dadi’®Oil. Salon Tested. Contains no sulfates or parabens. Vegan. Notable ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Tocopherol.


Famous Names Dadi' Oil

•Absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply
•Made with 95% organic ingredients
•Enhances flexibility
•Long lasting color stability and shelf-life
•Great moisturizer for the skin with quick, non-greasy penetration


Famous Names IBX Repair/0.33oz

• Use in addition to IBX to treat particularly weak, thin, and damaged nails
• Can be used as a complete protective shield under gel polish and for specific damage repair
• 50-60 applications of 10 nails per 0.33 fl. oz. bottle
• 36 month shelf life


Famous Names IBX / .5oz

• Use to toughen natural nails and to ensure nail plate integrity under nail enhancements
• Applied just like polish, LED light curable
• 60-70 applications of 10 nails per 0.5 fl. oz. bottle
• 36 month shelf life


Famous Names Cinnatize

Purpose: Saturate a lint free pad with Cinnatize and scrub the nail plate and surrounding soft tissues thoroughly using firm pressure prior to applying other nail coatings.


Famous Names Lumos Top Coat

Purpose: Shake gently before using. Apply one coat to wet nail color or Lumos Instant Impact Bottom Coat. Let quickly Air Dry.
It is extremely fast drying and non-yellowing. Designed for professionals, it can be immediately applied to WET nail color to enhance and accelerate the service experience. Imparts a high-gloss, exceptionally chip and peel resistant shine.


Famous Names Lumos Duo Pac

Purpose: Shake Gently Before Using. Apply one coat to clean, dry natural nails. Follow with nail color or Lumos High Speed Top Coat.
Lumos Instant Impact Base Coat. Lumos High Speed Top Coat.


Famous Names Dadi' Scrub

Purpose: Apply Dadi' Scrub to damp hands, feet, or body and massage. Rinse with warm water. Finish with Dadi' Oil and/or Dadi' Lotion.


Famous Names Lumos Bottom Coat

Purpose: Shake Gently Before Using. Apply one coat to clean, dry natural nails. Follow with nail color or Lumos High Speed Top Coat.
Fixing the polish pigments perfect in place. Prevent any stain of highly pigmented polished. Long lasting cover for your nails!


1-11 of 11 Items

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