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Cleverly Designed Pieces Made for the Way You Move


Noel Asmar revolutionized the spa uniform with fashion forward designs created with fabrics and functions that move with one’s body and work requirements. This ingenuity has also been applied to the new signature collection of resin bowls and dishes, designed to be mobile, ergonomic, and super stylish.

• Uniforms are created with built in features and functions, and are available in a range of styles.

• Pedicure bowls and dishes are lightweight and portable so you can spa anywhere. They are designed with features to make your job easier, such as handles for easy lifting and a water fill line. Pedicure bowls are an inexpensive and hygienic option to costly pedicure thrones. Walls are double lined for insulation, keeping water hot or ice cold.

• Uniforms and bowls come in color options exclusively designed by Noel Asmar to fit in with most spa decor.

Best Sellers

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Resin Pedicure Bowl / Round

Purpose: Ideal not only for the spa but also for “house-calls”, especially spa-parties.
- Lightweight, sleek, sculptural appearance.
- The surface is non-absorbent and scratch-resistant, allowing the bowl to be thoroughly disinfected.
- Can easily be drilled for plumbing and drainage.
- Arrives in a stylish, padded carrying-case.
- Generously scaled enough for large feet to rest comfortably on the bottom.

Price: $148.00


Noel Asmar Dolce

Price From: $78.00 - $98.00


Noel Asmar Bella

Price From: $77.00 - $98.00


Noel Asmar Spa Pants (Unisex)

Price From: $42.00 - $60.00


Noel Asmar Tuscan

Price From: $64.00 - $90.00


Noel Asmar Sofia Black with Aqua Trim

Purpose: Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Performs well in industrial dry clean cycle.

Price From: $84.00 - $100.00


Resin Manicure Bowl / Round

Purpose: This attractive round manicure bowl is ergonomically designed to support the palm and wrist while soaking the finger tips.
Designed to match the Resin Pedicure Bowl, this item is the essential compliment to your pedicure and manicure stations.

Price: $30.00


Noel Asmar Shirt Collar

Price From: $62.00 - $90.00


Noel Asmar Urban Fusion

Price From: $70.00 - $90.00


Noel Asmar Women's Tailored Pants

Price From: $52.00 - $60.00


Noel Asmar Moderna

Price From: $80.00 - $105.00


Noel Asmar Coco

Price From: $70.00 - $98.00


Noel Asmar Jada

Price From: $78.00 - $98.00


Noel Asmar Zoe Black

Purpose: Care Instruction: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or hang to dry. Performs well in industrial dry clean cycle.

Price From: $78.00 - $98.00


Resin Footrest

Purpose: The half moon design covers one part of the bowl, allowing one foot to remain in the water soaking while the other foot rests above for treatments.
Distinctively designed, this companion piece will complete the look of your unique pedicure station.

Price: $25.00


Resin Treatment Dish

Purpose: The Rectangular Resin Treatment Dish elegantly separates your salts, scrubs, and lotions while keeping them close for easy reach.
This matching dish makes a tasteful presentation when used with your Resin Pedicure Bowl.

Price: $20.00


Noel Asmar Executive

Price From: $80.00 - $98.00


Noel Asmar Jolie

Price From: $70.00 - $98.00


Noel Asmar Montego

Machine washable. Tumble dry on low heat.

Price From: $62.00 - $90.00


Noel Asmar Tuscana Jacket

Price From: $77.00 - $98.00


Noel Asmar Soho

Price From: $77.00 - $98.00


Noel Asmar Men's Tuscan

Price From: $64.00 - $90.00


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Staff Picks

Noel Asmar Dolce

Price From:$78.00 - $98.00

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