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From our exclusive power-driven line to our portable massage tables, Oakworks Spa has become synonymous with quality and reliability. Treat your clientele to only the best; treat them on an Oakworks table. We guarantee they’ll feel the “Oakworks difference” that only Oakworks quality can provide.

  • Value – Quality at a competitive price.
  • Variety – Products for all of your spa, massage, and medical needs.
  • Versatility – Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Verified – Proven durability with over 35 years of solid Oakworks craftsmanship built into everything we do.
  • Vision - Putting the future into practice…today.


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Oakworks Clodagh Libra

Purpose: Functions as both a massage table and a pedi-spa.

Price: $7,990.00


Oakworks Premium Fleece Table Warmer

Purpose: Distributes therapeutic heat evenly while enveloping your clients in plush comfort.
- Distributes heat evenly.
- Programmable temperature settings from 86° to an incredible 130° .
- Continuous real time temperature read out.
- Rapid warming feature.
- Programmable auto shut-off feature, (up to 99 minutes).

Price: $95.00


Oakworks Portal Pro w/Carry Case

- Designed especially for seated massage and relaxation techniques, acupuncture, pregnancy massage, and on-location seated treatments.
- Provides complete relaxation for clients by providing comfortable, full-body support.
- Stress-free, nearly fetal position naturally matches the contours of the body so that the therapist’s work does the right thing in the right places.
- Fully adjustable, the Portal Pro™ 3 provides comfort and proper support for clients ranging from 4’ll” to 6’4” and up to 300 pounds.
- Four simple, fast adjustments fit every client
- Provides complete access to cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and shoulder regions
- Specially engineered seat angles tilt the pelvis to release strain on the lumbar spine.
- QuickLock™ Face Rest – easily adjustable to support any size or any shaped body. Double articulating for quick and easy client positioning
- QuickLock™ Arm Rest – Ergonomically designed to be easily adjustable and provides optimum comfort.
- Push Button Adjustments
- Seat Height and Angle Adjustments – Match your working height and relieve strain on your client’s lumbar spine
- Off Set Wheels – Out of the way when working, instantly engaged for traveling
- Powder Coated Aluminum Frame – Constructed and welded to provide a solid, rigid structure that doesn’t flex. Reliable, easy adjustments.

Price: $485.00


Oakworks QuickLock Face Rest with Aero-Cel Cushion

- Provides optimal access to cervical and thoracic areas for the therapist, and comfortable, secure support for any body type, any client need or preference.
- Folds out of the way when not in use.
- Offers cervical support for supine clients, prone support in any position.
- Provides one-handed locking system (easy even with clients on-board)
- Convenient foldaway storage underneath your portable table
- Gets as close to the table as therapist needs it to be
- Double articulating action provides nearly limitless positioning options
- Direct mechanical locking means no springs or ratchets to fail
- Non-rusting nylon and fiberglass composite and heavy-walled aluminum for durability.
- Adjustable pad takes pressure off sensitive facial areas while providing support to keep faces from falling through and necks from hitting the bar
- Can be used in both prone and supine positioning.

Price: $115.00


Oakworks Basic Stool

Price: $85.00


Oakworks QuickLock Face Rest w/Boiance Cushion

- The union of ultra comfortable padding and water spheres combine to deliver an exceptional feeling of comfort and relaxation.
- Features a unique, very open space to avoid all pressure on the eyes and sinus cavities.

Price: $150.00


Oakworks Boiance Float Face Cradle

-Water Sphere technology support system
-Near frictionless movement in all directions
-Works with most face rests
-Inserts between the face rest platform and the face rest cushion

Price: $69.00


Oakworks Premium Stool w/Backrest

- Covered with an environmentally-friendly upholstery fabric made from PVC-free organic compounds.
- More durable, has a better abrasion and tear resistance, is softer and easier to care for than polyvinyl chloride fabrics.

Price: $155.00


Oakworks Premium Stool

Price: $105.00


Oakworks Alliance Multi-function Portable Table / Wood

- Adjustable backrest offers a variety of support options, opening new possibilities for facials, acupuncture, and treating pregnant clients and others with special needs.
- Adjustable back rest offers 60 degree and 6 positions of support. Backrest comfort with lighter weight and superior strength.
- Engraved Wooden Knobs – Functional beauty with easy-grip band resistant to oil and dirt.
- 6 mm end panels add stability to the geometry of the table.
- InterLock™ Legs with deep channel construction for solid locking.
- Laser-aligned frame is perfectly square for a stronger table.
- CableLock™ system uses lightweight, aircraft strength cables that consistently support very heavy loads. The cables also allow slight flex while supporting weight which allows deflection of dynamic load.
- Specially Engineered Leg Extension – Maximum engagement, minimal splitting force for truly reliable strength and durability at all height settings.
- Indestructible and unsplittable, the nylon leg blocks ensure leg rigidity.
- Hard maple pillow blocks are both glued and screwed to the table frame for strength and durability. They provide cost savings with all the strength and durability of one of nature’s hardest woods.
- Patented Integra Hinge™ clamps two table halves together and is actually stronger under load. It prevents the table halves from acting as a lever and pulling a traditional piano hinge apart. Far surpasses piano or continuous hinges for center of the table strength and safety. There is no danger of splitting rails because of numerous screw holes as with piano hinges.
- UniLock™ - This patent-pending closure system is easy to use and won’t rust, rattle, or break. The safety design prevents scrapes and bruises. When used with the Shiatsu option, the UniLock™ design prevents marred floors.

Price: $600.00


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