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Oakworks Portal Pro w/Carry Case

- Designed especially for seated massage and relaxation techniques, acupuncture, pregnancy massage, and on-location seated treatments.
- Provides complete relaxation for clients by providing comfortable, full-body support.
- Stress-free, nearly fetal position naturally matches the contours of the body so that the therapist’s work does the right thing in the right places.
- Fully adjustable, the Portal Pro™ 3 provides comfort and proper support for clients ranging from 4’ll” to 6’4” and up to 300 pounds.
- Four simple, fast adjustments fit every client
- Provides complete access to cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and shoulder regions
- Specially engineered seat angles tilt the pelvis to release strain on the lumbar spine.
- QuickLock™ Face Rest – easily adjustable to support any size or any shaped body. Double articulating for quick and easy client positioning
- QuickLock™ Arm Rest – Ergonomically designed to be easily adjustable and provides optimum comfort.
- Push Button Adjustments
- Seat Height and Angle Adjustments – Match your working height and relieve strain on your client’s lumbar spine
- Off Set Wheels – Out of the way when working, instantly engaged for traveling
- Powder Coated Aluminum Frame – Constructed and welded to provide a solid, rigid structure that doesn’t flex. Reliable, easy adjustments.

Price: $485.00


Oakworks Boiance Float Face Cradle

-Water Sphere technology support system
-Near frictionless movement in all directions
-Works with most face rests
-Inserts between the face rest platform and the face rest cushion

Price: $69.00


Earthlite Stool Covers

Purpose: Stretch over the top of a 15” round stool seat.

Price: $15.99


Living Earth Crafts Travel Cart w/Wheels

Purpose: Enjoy the ease of rolling your portable massage table wherever you go.
-It has a telescoping handle, 6 inch wheels, stair glides, and it folds very compactly.
-The table cart works with all LEC portable massage tables.

Price: $89.00


Living Earth Crafts Additional Foot Control

Purpose: It is efficient and provides convenience, as technicians don't need to maneuver around the table to reach one control.
It is efficient and provides convenience, as technicians don't need to maneuver around the table to reach one control.

Price: $300.00


Living Earth Crafts Medi-Spa Hands Free Control

Purpose: Allows the technician to operate both height and table top articulations by foot control.
Allows the technician to operate both height and table top articulations by foot control.

Allows the technician to keep hands sanitary.

Price: $300.00


Oakworks Fomentek Bag

The Fomentek bag provides hours of soothing warmth for clients when placed under the Wet Drape.

Price: $49.50


Silhouet-Tone Electric Footswitch for Laguna Mist & Nigel

Purpose: For Laguna Mist, Nigel, Sand, or Elite Platinum tables.
Keep hands free as you adjust height with this foot pedal.

Price: $199.00


Oakworks Portable Table Cart

Fits easily through doorways, folds for compact storage, and its over-sized wheels bravely tackle a wide variety of surfaces.

Price: $95.00


Silhouet-Tone Table Paper Holder

Depending on table model chosen, the paper holder will fit neatly either under head or foot of bed.

Price: $45.95


Oakworks Aromatherapy Arm Rest Shelf

• Attaches to any table with 8 inch on center outlets.
• Easy to install and remove when not in use.
• Add the scent of aromatherapy to your treatment.
• Removable aromatherapy bowl makes it easy to clean.
• Adjustable for any size client.
• Super-comfortable padding.
• Armrest doubles as table top extender for tall clients.

Price: $160.00


Oakworks Paper Roll Hanger

Price: $65.00


Earthlite 6" Bolster Holder for Stationary Table

Purpose: Insert into headrest outlet of stationary or lift table. Outlet holes must measure 8” on center.

Price: $29.99


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