Towel Cabis, Wax Warmers & Treatment Warmers

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Paragon Towel Cabi / HC- 82

Purpose: This Hot Towel Cabi holds up to 72 (12” X 12”) facial towels.
Interior maintains temperature control of approximately 70º-80ºC or 176ºF.

Price: $319.00


Touch America Standard Cabi

Sharp stainless Steel color
170 F average temp
18 liter capacity
Comes with two wire baskets
Holds 20 hand towels

Price: $299.00


Taiji Standard Towel Cabi with UV / White / 110V

Compact - contains UV light.

Price: $595.00


Towel Cabi w/UV / Double

Purpose: The Double Hot Towel Cabi with UV has two compartments with dual controls that hold approximately 48 wash cloths.
-Each compartment has a single wire rack and the top compartment has a UV light to help sanitize surfaces.
-The doors open to the right and feature magnetic latches.
-Holds approximately 48 wash cloths

Price: $299.00


Touch America Small Cabi

Purpose: This conveniently sized Mini Cabi is great for supplying wet or dry heated towels to clients for comfort.
Conveniently sized
Stainless Steel color
170 F average temp
7.5 liter capacity
Holds ten hand towels

Price: $199.00


Paragon Towel Cabi / PC-201

Price: $715.00


Hot Towel Cabi / D-207

Price: $350.00


Elite Wax Warmer

Purpose: Individual heater control allows the use of one or both compartments.
It offers a wide range of temperatures, an easy-to-read temperature control, an indicator light, and rapid heating.

Price From: $79.95 - $149.95


PerfectSense Heating Chamber

Purpose: The units are designed to work exclusively with PerfectSense Paraffin Hand and Foot Treatments. Simply hang the paraffin gloves within the Heating Chamber and activate with the Heater Pouch and AromaVapor solution (included with treatment).

Price: $239.00


Massage Table Warmer

Price: $84.95


The Melting Pot Wax Warmer

Purpose: It can accommodate 14 oz. or 16 oz. plastic or metal containers of wax or sugar.
-The most versatile and affordable unit in today's market.
-Easy-to-read temperature control.
-Lightweight with a convenient safety handle for portability.

Price: $79.99


Spa Pro Stone Heaters / 120V / 18qt

Adjustable thermostat; attractive; durable.

Price: $122.95


Paragon Towel Cabi / HC-78

Purpose: This Hot Towel Cabi holds up to 24 (12” X 12”) facial towels.
Interior maintains temperature control of approximately 70º-80ºC or 176ºF.

Price: $249.00


Touch America Dual Thermostat Warming Cabi

Purpose: Not only is this cabi used for warming towels, wash cloths, and facial towels, but its upper compartment maintains ideal temperatures for warming Eco-fin™ cubes with the plastic liners and sleeve without melting the plastic while the lower compartment maintains higher temperatures to keep a perfect warmth for herbal mitts, booties, neck wraps, and more.
Dual compartments allow multiple uses in one space.

Price: $345.00


Electric Warming Mitts / 110V

Purpose: Heat opens pores to allow your moisturizer to condition the driest of skin.

Price: $28.95


Bamboo Warming Tray with 20 Stones

Purpose: Warms Himalayan salt stones to 108 to 120 degrees (depending on stone size, weight, thickness) and maintains stones’ consistent temperature. Salt stones will warm to desired temperature in approx. 40 minutes.
Saltability’s Himalayan Salt Bamboo Warming Tray holds and warms 20 Himalayan salt stones, ready for therapists’ use with Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, and creates a healthier spa environment.


Electric Lotion Warmers

Purpose: Used to warm bottles of massage oil and lotion.
- UL Listed.
- Has an adjustable temperature control with industrial-rated heating elements, and a maximum temperature limit of 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Has a lighted On/Off power switch and a hospital-grade power cord.
- Has an original uni-sleeve design with isolated electrical components.
- Holds 2-8 oz. bottles.

Price From: $131.00 - $189.00


Satin Smooth Wax Warmers

Price From: $69.99 - $119.99


PerfectSense Lava Shells Charges

Purpose: Charges for use with Lava Shells.

Price: $63.00


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