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OPI Bond-Aid

Purpose: After pushing cuticles and cleaning nail plates, apply one coat of Bond-Aid to each nail and allow to dry. Proceed with application of Bondex, acrylics, wraps, tips, adhesives or base coat for a longer lasting bond.


Sani Soft Tablets / Peppermint / 150pc

Purpose: Best used with Sani-Tablet Disinfectant. Use one soothing pedicure tablet per load of water in whirlpool spa tub before performing pedicure.
- Conditions and treats skin and whitens nails for a pleasant pedicure.
- Reduces hard water deposit to extend machine life.
- Provides deterget action to clean the system.


SpaRitual Andale Dry and Shine Drops

Purpose: Andale accelerates dry time of freshly lacquered nails while also delivering radiant shine.
- Accelerates dry time of freshly lacquered nails.
- Delivers radiant shine.
- Vegan.
- Dropper-style cap for bacteria-free application.


SpaRitual Truebond Strong Hold Basecoat

Purpose: Bonds nail lacquers to nails to extend the life of the manicure.
- Bonds nail lacquers to nails.
- Extends the life of the manicure.


SpaRitual Truebond Strong Hold Topcoat

Purpose: Applied as a topcoat to help protect the color and extend the life of the manicure.
- Creates an invincible guard for lacquer color.
- Delivers flawless and durable shine.
- Resists chipping and peeling.
- Extends the life of your manicure.


CND Essential Rescue RXx

Purpose: For best results, apply to bare natural nails twice daily, massaging into the entire nail, nail edge, and cuticle. Use for up to four weeks for optimal results.


SpaRitual Farewell Fungus

Purpose: Helps soothe and tone skin and cuticles while promoting clear, healthy, and well-conditioned nails.
- Contains natural ingredients such as Neem Seed, Tea Tree Oil, and Lemon Bioflavanoids.
- Help to soothe and tone skin and cuticles.
- Promotes clear, healthy and well-conditioned nails.
- Natural formula.
- Vegan.
- Free of DBP and toluene.


CND Rentention+ Sculpting Liquid

Purpose: Create thin, flexible, resilient nail enhancements with CND’s award-winning sculpting liquids.

Price From: $60.00 - $85.00


SpaRitual Protein Boost for Brittle Nails / 0.5oz

Purpose: Provides a protein boost to help repair brittle nails.
Binds nail layers, preventing splitting and peeling.


Gehwol Med Nail Softener / .5oz

Purpose: Using the pipette dropper, apply on to pressure points and nail edges once or twice daily until the pressure subsides.
- Helps prevent ingrown nails.
- Helps prevent calluses.
- Helps smooth the cuticles.


SpaRitual Nutri-Thick Strengthener 0.5oz

Purpose: Provides powerful growth support to thin, weak nails.
- Provides growth support to thin, weak nails.
- Promotes nail growth for healthy, resilient nails.
- Contains Wheat Protein to rebuild the nail structure, Green Tea and Ginko Biloba to stimulate circulation, and Calcium for extra nail building resilience.


SpaRitual Truebond Primer for Natural Nails

Purpose: Clears the nail bed of any surface residue and oil deposits to create an optimal foundation for lacquer adhesion.
- Cleans the nail bed of any surface residue and oil deposits.
- Extends the life of the manicure.


CND Retention+ Sculpting Powders

Purpose: For use with Retention+, Radical SolarNail, or Moxie Sculpting Liquids.
• Self leveling formula: creates thin overlays or allows building in layers.
• To create natural nail overlays and to sculpt on tips and form.
• To create custom blends.

Price: $32.75


Famous Names IBX Repair/0.33oz

• Use in addition to IBX to treat particularly weak, thin, and damaged nails
• Can be used as a complete protective shield under gel polish and for specific damage repair
• 50-60 applications of 10 nails per 0.33 fl. oz. bottle
• 36 month shelf life


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