Farmaesthetics Arnica Remedy Oil

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Farmaesthetics Arnica Remedy Oil

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For clients experiencing tired or sore muscles, try using Farmaesthetics® Arnica Remedy Oil in your More Info »
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For clients experiencing tired or sore muscles, try using Farmaesthetics® Arnica Remedy Oil in your sports massages. Arnica is regarded in herbalism for its ability to promote the reduction of bruised or swollen skin tissue. This highly specialized, non-aromatic herbalists’ formulation is prepared by hand with organically grown herbs. The result is significant when used in hot bath soaks and external massage and absorbed through the skin. You can also spike your favorite massage oil with just a capful.

Ingredients: Ingredients: Organically Grown Whole Herb Arnica* infused in Soy*Oil and Vitamin E (certified organic ingredients*)
Purpose: Bath Soaks, Massage or Benefit Booster to any lotion. Adding 1-2 tablespoons of desired Remedy Oil to the Nourishing Lavender Milk or Nourishing Herbal Cream will super-charge the preparation to target specific conditions.
Arnica is highly regarded in herbalism for its ability to diminish bruising and swelling of skin tissue.

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  1. GMO Soy
    80 out of 100
    Reviewed on Tuesday, January 31, 2017
    by Stephanie J.
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      I have had great success with retailing and services involving Farmaesthetics. These Remedy Oils are very useful in facial and foot massages. I'm annoyed that a fellow professional would so quickly listen to a single magazine article and dismiss an entire line of products when there are so many worse things to be in skincare. Soy in general is a good option for soothing the complexion and improving discoloration. I have also read the reviews of GMO soy being used in this product line. Non-gmo, or organic/regular, soybean oil or soy products can have an effect on women's estrogen levels in large quantities; however, the GMO of soy has also been shown to have no effect on estrogen in the body, AND since this is a topical treatment of the skin, it is unlikely (if not impossible) that enough soy would be absorbed through the skin, into the bloodstream, to have any of those effects.

  2. 40 out of 100
    Reviewed on Sunday, February 01, 2015
    by joshua p.
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      the soy is gmo soy it was tested and published in a spa magazine in late 2014 so if your client is actually trying to stay organic and natural do not recommend. i actually learned this from my client that took a picture of the articular. needless to say i was shocked and embarrassed

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Natural Product, Vegan
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