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Prosana Compressed Sponges / Pink / 100pc

Space-saving and absorbent.

Price: $33.95


Spa Essentials Esthetic Wipes

Price From: $2.55 - $7.75


Intrinsics Silken Esthetic Wipes

Purpose: Can be used for multiple spa applications including facial cleansing, extractions, nail wipes, and cleaning instruments.
- Provide a high degree of absorbency in a lint-free nonwoven design.
- Made from a soft, absorbent blend of fibers.
- Holds up well under wet or dry conditions.
- Opens from a 2x2 4-ply to a 4x4 single ply.
- Can be used for a variety of spa applications.

Price From: $2.50 - $9.46


Intrinsics Cotton Naturelles / 2in

Purpose: Ideal for facial or nail services including makeup/polish removal, cleansing and skin care, or as eye pads.
- 100% cotton pads.
- Can be used wet or dry.
- Quilt-like surface resists shredding and linting.
- Ideal for facial or nail services.

Price From: $2.40 - $47.52


Prosana Compressed Sponges

-Space saver

Price From: $8.95 - $33.95


Intrinsics Cotton Esthetic Wipes

Purpose: It can be used for any facial/body/skin service or can be used as a surface or instrument wipe.

Price From: $4.75 - $14.04


Spa Essentials Disposable Headbands / 48pc

Purpose: Use to protect hair and keep it away from the face during treatments.
Protects hair and keeps away from the face during treatments.

Price From: $17.99


Barbicide Disinfectant Concentrate

Purpose: - Mix with water to make a disinfectant solution.
- Immerse items for 10 minutes, mop, or spray.
- Complies with OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogen standard.
- Pleasant fragrance.
- Will not stain skin or surfaces.

Price From: $18.75 - $35.00


Intrinsics Compressed Sponges / 75pc

Purpose: Perfect for facials.
High quality for a great price.

Price: $38.46


Vinyl Glove

Purpose: Perfect for the latex-sensitive professional. Ideal for all medical and dental services. Also suitable for use in the spa and salon industries for all hair, facial, and skin services.
- Protects hands from harsh chemicals.
- Latex-free, vinyl gloves
- Lightly-powdered


Pellon Roll / 3" x 100yds

Price: $20.95


Nitrile Gloves / Latex Free / Blue

Beaded cuff offers additional strength and ease in donning.

Price From: $10.50


Intrinsics 12-Ply Gauze Pads

Purpose: Can be used for:
- Facial or body services
- Waxing
- Exfoliating
- Medical grade.
- 12 ply.
- Opens into a large single-ply sheets for facial or body services, waxing, exfoliation and more.

Price From: $4.10 - $12.80


Pedicure Slippers, 12 Pairs

Purpose: Let your customers wear these sturdy Pedi Slippers out of the spa to avoid polish damage.
- Let your customers wear Pedi Slippers out of the spa to avoid polish damage.
- Durable, disposable, and inexpensive.
- One size fits most.

Price From: $4.95


CaviCide® Disinfectant Cleaner

Purpose: For use as a pre-cleaning decontaminant immersion solutions: Place instruments in a container with a sufficient amount of CaviCide to allow for complete submersion. Cover and immerse for 10 minutes at room temperature 69 degrees. Remove and rinse instruments. Follow with appropriate cleaning and disinfection process. Discard solution after each use. For disinfection non-instrument surfaces, including HIV-1, HBV and HCV applications: Spray CaviCide directly onto pre-cleaned surface, thoroughly wetting area to be disinfected. Allow surface to remain visibly wet for 3 minutes at room temperature. For tuberculocidal activity, surface must remain visibly wet for a full 5 minutes at room temperature. Wipe surface using a towel or allow to air dry.
Cavicide is a bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, and tuberculocidal. Ready to use, it is a salon disinfectant/decontaminant cleaner for use on inanimate surfaces. It is useful in beauty salons, salon settings, manicure salons, skincare salons, tanning salons, bathrooms, and any critical care area where environmental control of cross contamination is important. Safe for cleaning/decontamination of salon/barber/environmental equipment/implements and instrumentation. When used as directed, Cavicide will effectively clean and disinfect such items as countertops, skinks, floors, walls, handrails, door knobs, bathtubs, shower stalls, shampoo bowls, manicure tables, chairs, workstations, nail/hair care implements, tanning beds, hair dryers, telephones, salon surfaces, scissors, combs, brushes, manicure implements, washable nail files, hair rollers, and other inanimate surfaces including those made of plastics (pollycarbonate, polyvinylchloride, polypropylene, and polystyrene), non-porous vinyl, stainless steel, painted surfaces, Plexiglas, glass, and other hard non-porous surfaces. Cavicide effectively kills HIV on precleaned environmental surfaces/objects previously soiled with blood/body fluids. ...

Price From: $13.76 - $31.76


Toe Separators

Purpose: Used to separate toes during pedicures to keep polish from smearing. They make flawless pedicures a breeze.
- Colorful, sanitary, and easy-to-use
- Comfortable
- Separate toes during pedicures to keep polish from smearing
- Make flawless pedicures a breeze
- Can be given to the customer for at-home treatments.

Price From: $0.45


Spa Essentials Table Paper / Waxing / White / 27" x 225'

Purpose: Protects the bed while using waxing or sugaring products.
-Protects the bed while using waxing or sugaring products.
-Heavy paper means it will not rip and it's quieter.

Price From: $6.99


Mitt and Bootie Liners / Fingerless Style

Purpose: Place over the warm paraffin to aid heat retention or protect terry cloth mitts or booties.
Makes clean up or mitt/bootie protection a snap.

Price From: $5.95


Nitrile Gloves / Powder-Free / Black / 100pc

Beaded cuff offers additional strength and ease in donning.

Price From: $10.50


Ultronics Ultracare Disinfectant Concentrate

Price From: $23.95 - $43.95


Spa Essentials Table Paper / Poly-Backed / White / 21" x 125'

Purpose: - Protects massage or waxing tables.
- Protects massage or waxing tables.
- Perforated every 18”, making it easy to tear off just what you need without any waste.

Price From: $7.99


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