3 Easy Ways to Market Your Spa Services on Social Media

By Sarah Tollie, Digital Marketing Manager

Is spa marketing through social media on your weekly to-do list? If your answer is “no,” you’re not alone! Social media marketing requires resources and planningand it’s constantly evolving, with sites from Facebook and Pinterest to Instagram and LinkedIn influencing how we communicate, and now, how we buy. So, now more than ever, it’s a must-add to your spa marketing menu.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed about advertising your massage supplies or lash and brow treatments, especially if you’re an independent spa professional or part of a small day spa. If so, get up-to-speed with Spa Marketing: 5 Steps to Social Media Success in Your Spa. You’ll then be ready to learn 3 easy ways to promote your spa services on social media!  

1. D-I-Y It 

Sometimes, spa marketing’s most effective tool is Y-O-U! What do customers request most from your spa menu? What types of posts do your followers like or comment on the most?

From waxing services to body treatments, the biggest inspirations for your social media posts are right at your fingertips. Let’s say your customers frequently ask for a particular massage. You might try posting behind-the-scenes photos, a customer testimonial, or a quick 30-to-45-second video giving a sneak peek of this spa service. Videos are especially gaining steam as the most profitable type of marketing for businesses. The best part? All you need is your smartphone to get started!

As you decide what you want to advertise, ask yourself this essential question: “Why?” Customers will want to know the benefits of your spa treatments and what sets your spa apart from competitors. The more you can anticipate their needs, the more prepared you will be to post content that not only engages existing and potential clients, but gets them through your doors.

2. Boost It

Once you’re comfortable with spa marketing through social media, you’ll be ready to take the next step. With Facebook’s organic, or unpaid, reach declining, boosting, or paying for, your posts in an easy—and inexpensive!—way to reach more of your audience.

Imagine this: Your spa has a Facebook post about a sunless tanning service that received above-average likes, comments, and shares. You know that more people would be interested in a spray tan treatment, but are unsure about how to reach them. By selecting the “boost post” option, you are able to target Facebook users by their location, age, interests, and more for as little as $1.00 per day. Your possibilities are many ... from video campaigns to lead generation and more.

3. Polish It

Take a deep breath. You’ve made it through the social media maze! Now, it’s time to analyze and refine what you’re doing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have dashboards that provide general and detailed data about your posts.

Maybe you discover that your followers more readily respond to your content on a certain day or time. Maybe they’re more receptive to videos and images. Maybe they prefer posts promoting a particular type of treatment. No matter what you uncover, remember that these insights are your clients talking to you, in real time, with real feedback! With this knowledge, you are ready to tailor your spa marketing on social media to your most important audience: your customers! 

We want to follow your journey! Share your experiences of marketing your spa through social media by following and tagging Universal Companies on Facebook and @universalcos on Twitter and Instagram. 

Sarah Tollie is the Digital Marketing Manager at Universal Companies. Her areas of focus include social media marketing, email and website management, and copywriting. A digital native, she's passionate about connecting with spa customers by providing a positive online experience. Offline, she's often found greening her community, practicing yoga, and destressing with her four dogs.

Dedicated to the success of spa professionals everywhere, Universal Companies is grateful to be recognized with the American Spa Magazine Professional's Choice Award, Favorite Distributor of the Year, for 13 consecutive years. (Thank you!)




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