Tips from Featured Educator Lori Vargas, MBA & Health Coach – Universal Companies
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Gain Expertise, Save Time, Boost Confidence, & Improve Your Well-Being!

With tips from our featured educator Lori Vargas, founder of 360 Wellness Education.

Lori is a highly qualified wellness professional. She offers a wealth of knowledge and expertise with over 20 years of industry experience. She founded and successfully operated four spas, a massage school, and an online digital education platform. She is an advanced education developer and spa consultant. Her business foundation was cultivated with 14 years working with Fortune 500 corporations, where she focused on corporate strategy and business development. She is a CPA and holds an MBA from The University of Chicago. Lori has a strong track record of helping spas and resorts achieve financial growth and business development success. “As a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Health Coach, Adjunct Professor, and Ironman Triathlete; I believe the importance of education and community is critical for establishing strength and growth within the spa industry.” Lori recently established a 360 Wellness Education Core Membership Group to allow others to learn, share and flourish in a collaborative style.

Create a Simple Ritual to Clear the Energy

Do you feel a shift in your energy after working with a difficult client? Are you holding on to negative energy? It is important to recognize and address any negative energy that may be carrying over from these interactions. It can affect your overall well-being and productivity.

One simple ritual that can help clear this negative energy is to take a few moments to focus on your breath and release any tension or negative thoughts. You can then physically shake out your limbs or engage in activities that help you release tension, such as stretching or going for a walk. This can help ground and reset your energy, allowing you to approach your work and interactions with a clearer and more positive mindset.

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