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What's Gemwater All About?

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3 Ways to Incorporate Gemstone Water into Your Spa

Now we know what gemstones and gemstone water is all about, but how do we translate this into spa revenue?

The proven benefits of gem water go hand in hand with a wellness lifestyle, so promoting gemstone water as a tenant of spa life is easy. Here are some of the best ways that you can bring gemwater into your business:

1. Rethinking Reception

In many ways, reception is the most important part of the spa experience. The moment your clients enter your spa, they're eager to feel the embrace of a sophisticated, relaxed atmosphere.

Think of gemwater like any other amenity that you offer in your welcome area—soft music, ambient lighting, essential oils. Just as these items are integral to creating a tailored ambience, gemwater prepares your clients for what's to come. When clients enter, have your staff welcome them with a cup of gemwater from a dispenser or decanter and explain the benefits of vibrational frequencies. While they browse your menu or wait for their next appointment, they can sip and get a relaxing break before the treatment even begins.

2. Amplify Any Treatment

Keeping a dispenser in your treatment room is vital to maximizing your revenue potential. Any technician knows how important hydration is to a massage or skin care treatment, which makes gemwater a perfect amenity to provide to clients during their treatment services. Plus, keeping gemstone water flowing through your client's mind throughout the appointment makes it way easier to upsell your gemstone retail products.

While offering gemwater to a client, make sure to remind them why you chose gem-infused water over regular dispensers. By inspiring healthier lifestyles, you'll be naturally guiding them to your retail boutique.

3. Bring It Home with Retail

Now that your clients have felt and heard the benefits of gemstone water throughout their appointment, they're going to feel pulled toward your retail selection after their treatments. Here, your staff can explain the difference in gempods and customize the at-home experience for each client. Each VitaJuwel gempod features carefully selected gemstone blends to match any preference or mood, so they can feel free to experiment!

Once you've incorporated gemwater into your services and spaces, making retail sales will be easier than ever.


Using Gems in Water Has Historical Roots

Have you ever wondered about people who put crystals in their water to make gemstone water or crystal elixirs? Have you ever wondered what this is all about? Well, let me tell you more about gemstone water. People have been putting special crystals in their water for a very long time. I'm talking thousands of years. Why? Well, those guys back then probably couldn't explain it scientifically, but they noticed that their water tasted better and certain healers also believe that specific stones could aid in healing different physical conditions. While the medical aspect of this is kind of hard to prove, a lot of people today still believe in the power of gems. You might ask yourself, is this about the minerals that the water absorbs from the stones? Oh, not quite. It's really all about vibrations and energy. You see, the universal law of nature states that everything in nature has its own specific vibration and frequency, and the vibration of one thing interacts with others around it.

Vibrations & Frequency

Some examples of vibrations are sunrays that make plants grow. Radio waves that we can hear and microwaves that heat up our food. Gems have a very subtle frequency and that frequency can actually restructure the molecules of water. Kind of like if you put a glass of water and a microwave, but on a much, much gentler level. Now in order for you to prepare your own gemstone water, you need to be aware of a few things. First, you need to be very careful about which stones you pick, as some contain heavy metals and other harmful stuff that you don't want your water. Second, most ones that you can buy are treated artificially with resin or oil and that's also something that I personally would rather not drink. And third, when you put stones directly in water and leave them there for some time, they'll get yucky and slimy.

VitaJuwel is Easy

You'd have to be really on top of cleaning and scrubbing them and they'll likely lose their shininess over time. So, we found a great way to preserve the power of gems. Also, while getting rid of all those things I just told you about, we sealed gems and glass pods. Really easy. The gem's good vibes pass through the glass just like sun rays come through a window. No worry about scrubbing gems or all that yucky stuff. Full gem water flavor. So, here's what you do. You just fill one of our bottles or decanters with clean drinking water. Wait seven minutes and enjoy. Cheers.

Universal Companies is proud to have a team of experienced spa advisors on staff and welcomes you to consult with our professionals about spa products and supplies, including ingredients, equipment, and retail. Dedicated to the success of spa professionals everywhere, we're grateful to be recognized with the American Spa Magazine Professional's Choice Award, Favorite Distributor of the Year for many consecutive years. (Thank you!)

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