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This potent facial picks up the slack and replaces it with renewed firmness, strength, and spring. Relax, as your skin is deep cleansed, massaged, and restored. An intensive toning mask–featuring tissue-building nucleic acid plus amino acids–tightens as it dries, a literal manifestation of the firmness to come. The serum, powered by collagen-friendly peptides, intensifies the treatment. An efficient vitamin A-powered peel concludes the treatment, allowing for maximum penetration of the vitamin and helping gently shed sluggish skin cells and revive the skin. Best done in a series or as a monthly anti-aging maintenance program for progressive firming and rejuvenating results.

Recommended For:

All skin types showing signs of aging.

Product Overview:

Equipment and Supplies Overview:

Cleanse Phase – Time 5-7 minutes

Begin facial cleanse while lightly steaming and warming the skin.

Apply Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel  (warm hands with product by placing hands under steam) and cleanse face, neck, and décolleté.

Rinse and remove.

Spray a small amount of Soothing Chamomile Eye Make Up Remover on a tissue or cotton pad and remove eye makeup.Perform second cleanse with Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel or Cucumber Bead Cleanser (if exfoliation is needed). 
Cleanse face, neck, and décolleté.
Rinse and remove.
Spray Balancing Tonic onto a tissue or cotton pad and then apply to entire face, neck and décolleté.

Skin Analysis – Time 5 minutes

Perform Skin Analysis

Massage Phase – Time 10-15 minutes

Perform facial massage with Skin Nourishing Balm.
Apply a very small amount to hands and begin massage. No need to remove excess balm unless you desire to tissue off excess. Add light steam during massage if desired.

Lifting Mask Phase – Time 10-15 minutes

Mix approximately 1 teaspoon of the with enough to create a thin (almost “runny”), fluffy mixture. It is important for this mask to be thin for easier removal and best results. Apply mixture with a fan brush, in an upward motion. Leave on approximately 7-10 minutes. You can assist drying of the mask with a fan if desired.Note: The client will feel a lifting and tightening, as well as a vascular pulsating, which is normal. If the client feels the product is “too tight,” simply wet your fingers and apply to face until relieved.

After the mask has been on the face approximately 7 minutes, steam the face for several minutes and remove the mask. Then with warm towels continue to remove the mask.


Make a warm barber towel wrap and lightly press onto face. Mix a small amount of Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel with water and massage onto the skin to “loosen” the mask. Then with warm towels continue to remove the mask.

Firming Mask Phase – Time 10-15 minutes

Apply liberally with a fan brush. Leave on for 7-10 minutes. It is recommended that additional shoulder, neck, and/or scalp massage be performed at this time for approximately 5 minutes while the mask is on the face. Remove mask with warm towels.

Leave-on Treatment - Time 3 - 5 Minutes

Apply a thin coat of with gloved fingers, and gently massage into the skin. This should feel good to the client. The client’s skin will be slightly tacky, and yellowish; this is normal. The client will go home with the on their face. Instruct the client to leave on for at least 4 hours.

Retail Follow-Through:

Customized Treatment Tips and Add-ons:

For clients who need extractions:

Utilizing O2 Pro Booster - Apply approximately ½ teaspoon with small fan brush or applicator to areas with enlarged pores, breakouts or entire face if desired. Occlude with pieces of plastic wrap to intensify the penetration of the oxygen (good for areas with black heads / whiteheads) if desired. Can be used with steam, for enhanced penetration. Perform extractions as needed. Skip facial massage with Skin Nourishing Balm.

For clients experiencing hyperpigmentation:

Apply Crystal C Serum and / or Multi-Complex Fade Gel prior to Vitamin A Micro Peel Pro

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