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Lash Lift Treatment

Menu Description:

Get freedom from the daily use of lash curlers! This semi-permanent treatment gives you perfectly curled lashes that last for up to 6 weeks!

Cost Per Treatment: $9.50
Time: 45 minutes
What to Charge: $90.00

Always check with your local state regulations to ensure that you're practicing within the scope of your license.

What You'll Need:

Recommended Supplies & Products:

Replacement products and supplies are available through Universal Companies.

Patch Testing:

  • This product contains ingredients that may cause skin irritations and/or allergic reactions on certain individuals. A patch test is necessary prior to each application.
  • Using soap and water, cleanse a small area of the skin on the inner surface of the forearm.
  • Apply a small patch of Waving Lotion to the area you have prepared for the patch test. Apply the Neutralizer, Lash Food Lotion, Lash Bond, and premixed Tint in 4 additional swatches next to the Waving Lotion.
  • After 6 minutes, remove all of the products with a damp cloth.
  • After 24 hours, review the skin where the patch was administered. If no irritation or inflammation is apparent, it's usually assumed that no hypersensitivity to the dye exists.


  • Have guest remove contacts or glasses, if applicable.
  • Have the guest sit down in a comfortable reclined position. If using a flat table, ensure head is slightly elevated.
  • Remove all makeup from eyelids and surrounding areas with Make-Up Remover Foam. Any residual moisturizer or makeup will interfere with the performance of the lift.
  • Have the client look up while you use the Aloe Lint Free Gel Patches to cover the lower eyelashes. The eye patches protect the skin under the eyes and help prevent the lower eyelashes from coming into contact with the products.
  • Once all lower lashes are thoroughly covered, have the client close their eyes and comb through them thoroughly with a disposable mascara wand.

Pro Tip: To guarantee a successful lash lift, it's extremely important to clean the eye area thoroughly, prior to beginning the service. Even if your client isn't wearing makeup, be sure not to miss this step!

What to Do:

Step 1: Select appropriate Lash Lift Pad Size.

  • It's important to select a Lash Lift Pad size that allows all of the lashes to adhere completely to the silicone pad. The smaller bumps create a higher lift, but the larger bumps create more curvature. Before securing your selected pad to the eyelid, practice combing the lashes on a few different pad sizes to ensure the tips of the lashes will not touch the eyelid once they've been lifted.

Pro Tip: Use a larger pad for clients with hooded eyes. For clients with smaller eyes, you can use scissors to trim the Lash Lift Pad to a suitable size to fit on the eyelid.

Step 2: Adhere the Lash Lift Pad.

  • Apply a small amount of the Lash Bond directly to the back of the Lash Lift Pad making sure you apply it all the way to the corners.

Pro Tip: For sanitation purposes, use disposable lip brush applicators to apply the Lash Bond to the pad and lashes.

  • Wait a few seconds for the bond to become tacky and, using gentle pressure, apply the shield to the eyelid as close to the lash line as possible. Begin applying at the inner corner of the eye. Be careful not to leave a gap above the lash line. Hold the Lash Lift Pad in place for approximately 90 seconds as it adheres.

Pro Tip: Applying too much pressure during this step may cause watering of the eyes, and this can interfere with the effectiveness of the bond. If water occurs, remove the pad and blot the area gently until dry. Repeat the Lash Bond application.

Step 3: Apply lashes to the Lash Lift Pad.

  • It's recommended to apply the Lash Bond and eyelashes to the Lash Lift Pad in sections. Starting at the outer lashes, apply Lash Bond to the Lash Lift Pad and use the Lash Tool or Y Brush to repeatedly brush up the lashes onto the pad until they adhere.
  • Repeat in sections as you move toward the inner lashes, applying the bond and brushing lashes onto the Lash Lift Pad. Brush the lashes up and out, making sure to keep the lashes straight and avoiding overlap.
  • If necessary, apply more Lash Bond to the tips of lashes to ensure they stay in place.

Step 4: Apply the Waving Lotion.

  • Cut a corner of the sachet to create a small opening, dispersing the product directly onto a microfiber brush.
  • Apply the product starting at the root or base of the lashes and brush up to the middle of the lash length. Avoid applying Waving Lotion to the tips of the lashes, as this can compromise their integrity and make them prone to breakage.
  • Apply 3M Surgical Tape horizontally over the Waving Lotion to hold lashes in place during processing time.
  • Waving Lotion should process for 4-6 minutes.
  • After processing is complete, remove the Waving Lotion completely from eyelashes by using a dry cotton swab and/or cotton pad.

Pro Tip: Processing time can be determined by how easily lashes fall when bonding them to the Lash Lift Pad. If they fall easily, this means that the lash is thicker and will require the full 6 minutes.

  • Avoid direct contact of the Waving Lotion with the skin. If contact occurs and the guest feels a slight burning sensation on the skin, rinse thoroughly with water immediately.
  • After processing is complete, remove the Waving Lotion completely from the eyelashes with a dry cotton swab or a disposable lip gloss applicator, rotating away from you as you wipe. This will keep the solution from spreading to the tips of the eyelashes during the removal process.

Step 5: Apply Neutralizer.

  • Cut a corner of the sachet to create a small opening, dispersing the product directly onto a microfiber brush.
  • Apply the product, beginning at the root or base of the lashes and brushing up to mid-length of the lashes. Avoid applying Neutralizer to the tips of the lashes so as to not compromise the integrity of the eyelashes.
  • Neutralizer should process 3-5 minutes. Neutralizer should process 1 minute less than Waving Lotion.
  • Place 3M Surgical Tape horizontally over the applied Neutralizer to help hold the lashes in place during processing time.

Step 6: Tint Lashes.

  • To enhance your client's lash lift results, tint lashes with Intensive Lash Tint with the Lash Lift Pads still in place. If not tinting, continue to "If Opting Out of Lash Tint" for remaining service instructions.
  • In a glass dappen dish, mix equal parts of the Blue Black Tint with the 6% Developer until it's a creamy texture.
  • Using the brush, generously apply the tint mixture over the upper lashes, making sure to saturate them thoroughly from root to tip. This will help loosen lashes from the Lash Lift Pad and aid in the removal process.
  • Using a microfiber brush, gently pull the lower lashes out from underneath the under eye gel patch. Apply the tint mixture to the lower lashes, being careful not to apply too close to the waterline.
  • Allow to process for 2-3 minutes or a maximum of 5 minutes per eye.

Pro Tip: Tint will take less time to develop after a lash lift since the eyelash cuticle is still open. To ensure the integrity of your client's lashes, it's not recommended to develop the tint for the standard 10 minutes as instructed in the original Intensive Tint protocol.

  • After processing, use the Lash Lift Tool to gently detach any lashes that remain adhered to the Lash Lift Pad.
  • Remove the tint from the upper lashes first using a dry cotton swab or disposable lip gloss applicator, and then remove from the lower lashes using a dry cotton swab or disposable lip gloss applicator.
  • Take another lip gloss applicator soaked in Make-Up Remover Foam and gently sweep it under the Lash Lift Pad to remove it from the eyelid. Remove the under eye gel patch and remind your client to keep eyes closed until cleanup is complete. Ensure you do not touch the lashes with the product.
  • Using 2 dry lip gloss applicators, thoroughly remove any residual tint from the eyelashes by placing a lip gloss applicator on either side of the lashes and wiping upward from root to tip. Repeat several times until no tint comes off on the disposable lip gloss applicator.
  • Clean up any tint on the eyelid with a lip gloss applicator dampened with Make-Up Remover Foam, being careful not to get the lashes wet.

Pro Tip: If product gets into the eye, flush thoroughly at your eye wash station or rinse out with lukewarm water.

  • The client may now open their eyes for the last step of the service. Proceed to Step 7.

Continued from Step 5:

If Opting Out of Lash Tint:

Tinting the client's lashes during an Intensive Lash Lift service is a great way to enhance their final look, but it may not be suitable for everyone. To continue the service without tinting, follow these simple steps:

  • Using the Lash Tool, gently remove any remaining lashes from the Lash Lift Pad.
  • Once all of the lashes are removed from the Lash Lift Pad, saturate a disposable lip gloss applicator with the Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover Foam and sweep underneath the Lash Lift Pad releasing it from the eyelid. Ensure you do not touch the lashes with the product.
  • After you have removed the Lash Lift Pad from the eyelid, clean up any remaining Lash Bond from the skin.
  • If there is any residual Lash Bond remaining on the lashes you can gently remove by combing through using a disposable mascara wand.

7. Apply Lash Food Lotion.

  • To help nourish and moisturize lashes post-treatment, utilize the Lash Food Lotion. Cut a corner of the sachet to create a small opening, dispersing the product directly onto a disposable mascara wand.
  • Have your client look up while you apply the Lash Food Lotion to the upper and lower lashes.

Pro Tip: To keep lashes nourished between services and guarantee customer satisfaction, your clients can purchase a Lash Moist After Care Pen for their take-home maintenance.


  • The Intensive Lash Lift and Tinting services are for licensed professional use only.
  • These treatments should never be done on any person with an eye disorder or infection.
  • Keep all products out of reach of children.
  • Eyelashes differ from person to person and processing time should be adjusted to individual lash conditions.
  • For hygiene and safety reasons, wear gloves throughout the procedure and use disposable applicators whenever possible.
  • Always keep the Waving Lotion, Neutralizer, Lash Food Lotion, Tints, and Developer in a cool, dark place. Avoid direct sunlight. If room temperature reaches 83˚ F or above, relocate products to a refrigerator.
  • Use products prior to expiration dates.

Client Aftercare Instructions:

  • Be gentle with your lashes for the first 24 hours following the Lash Lift service.
  • Do not rub your lashes for 24 hours.
  • Avoid heat or heat services for 24 hours following the service.
  • Avoid use of contacts for 24 hours following the service.
  • Do not get your lashes wet for 24 hours (i.e. no showering, washing your face, swimming, etc.).
  • Do not use eye makeup for at least 24 hours following the Lash Lift service.
  • Periodically brush eyelashes upward using a disposable mascara wand or similar tool, as this can help secure the lift within the first 24 hours.
  • Do not use oils on the lashes as this will cause service breakdown (straightening of the lashes).
  • Do not use harsh products or oil-based makeup removers, as this can cause service breakdown.
  • It's not recommended to use eyelash curlers, as they could cause lash breakage.
  • Use the Lash Moist After Care Pen on a daily basis to nourish the lashes in between services.

Recommended Professional Follow-Up Treatment
Guest should return within 4-5 weeks.

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