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March 07, 2019

SpaRitual Infinitely Loving Mindful Manicure

Cost Per Treatment: $4.18

Time: 35 minute booking time / 30 minute treatment time

What to Charge: $40-$80

What You'll Need:


Hand Towels, (prepared in hot towel cabi)
Soaking Bowl, 1
Nail Wipes, 4
Nail Clipper, 1
Eco File, 1
Orangewood stick, 1
Cuticle Nipper, 1
Nail Brush, 1
Buffer, 1


Hot Towel Cabi

Professional Preparation (follow professional preparation guide)

Consultation (follow consultation guide)


Wash your hands and ask Guest to wash her hands before service.

What to Do:

Opening Ritual: Relax
Timing: 30 seconds

      1. 1. Invite guest to close her eyes.

        2. Gently mist Fragrant Mist above her head and allow it to cascade.

        3. Ask guest to take a deep breath, inhaling completely and exhaling totally.

Ritual: Prepare
Timing: 5 minutes

  1. 1. Mist the palms of both hands and arms with Visionary Cleanser Sanitizer, then turn hands.
  2. 2. Remove nail lacquer using Fluent Extra Strength Conditioning Lacquer.
  3. 3. Perform nail analysis; determine if Farewell Fungus Treatment will be needed.
  4. 4. Clip, file, and shape free edges on both hands.

Ritual: Cuticle Care
Timing: 4 minutes

1. Place 1 tsp. of Bath Salts in 1 soaking bowl of warm water.

2. Soak guest’s hands for 1-2 minutes (maximum 2 minutes).

3. Place warm neck pillow around guest’s neck (optional) and perform light compressions on arm.

4. Remove hands from soak and pat dry with a towel.

5. Apply Cuti-Clean Cuticle & Stain Remover to cuticles/nails and gently push cuticles.

6. Remove any stains using a nail wipe in a circular motion on the nail bed.

7. Nip any dead tissue, if needed.

8. Buff nails, if needed.

9. Brush nails clean, dry thoroughly with a towel, and nip dead tissue.

10. Place 1 drop of Cuti-Cocktail Nail & Cuticle Oil onto each cuticle and massage.

11. Place hand/arm in a resting position on table.

Ritual: Slow Aging
Timing: 5 minutes

1. Mist client's feet with Visionary Cleanser and pat dry. Perform visual analysis.

2. Apply ½ pump of Handprint Hand Serum to back of hands.

3. Massage 2 pumps (1/8 tsp.) of Body Lotion and 1 pump (1/8 tsp.) of Body Oil on arm for 2 minutes using

(signature modality) massage technique.

4. Apply a pearl size amount of Handprint Hand Salve to both hands, completing the slow aging benefits.

5. Repeat on opposite arm.

Ritual: Expression
Timing: 8 minutes

1. Prep each nail:

• Brush nails clean with moisten brush.
• Use a dry towel to absorb any excess oil on each nail
• Swipe the entire nail plate with Fluent Lacquer Remover Extra Strength Conditioning Lacquer Remover on a nail wipe and cleanse each nail thoroughly.
• Swipe the cuticle perimeter using an orange

2. Apply 1 thin coat of TrueBond Primer.

3. Apply 1 thin coat of TrueBond Basecoat.

4. Apply 2 thin coats of Nail Lacquer, allow to dry between each coat.

5. Apply 1 thin coat of TrueBond Topcoat, allow 1 minute to dry.

6. Apply 1 drop of Andale Dry & Shine Drops to the center of the nail to expedite dry time.

Closing Ritual: Inspire
Timing: 1 minute

1. Ask guest to once again close her eyes, gently mist Fragrant Mist above her head.

2. Request guest to inhale deeply, then exhale completely.

3. Recommend the products that would most benefit the guest.

4. Complete experience by thanking the guest and inviting her to book a future appointment.

5. If timing permits, escort the guest to the front desk and guide the staff to support scheduling

the next appointment and again, highlight the most beneficial retail products.

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