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Bloomy Lotus Nebulizing Aroma Diffuser, The Bamboo

Bloomy Lotus Nebulizing Aroma Diffuser, The Bamboo


Bloomy Lotus

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Waterless Diffuser Ideal for Larger Areas

Inspired by the beauty of bamboo, the Bloomy Lotus® Bamboo Nebulizer permeates any space with the fragrance of essential oils, creating an intensely aromatic experience that can be enjoyed for hours. Small yet mighty, this innovative waterless diffuser features a built-in nebulizer that releases a burst of undiluted mist, designed to bring an immediate sense of pleasure and relaxation to the spa environment. Ideal for large areas, it features super-extensive coverage of up to 860 square feet. This small innovative device offers customizable settings for mist output and runtime. Bronze Gold and White. 

Unique Benefits


Refined and compact

Features a special coating that protects against erosion by essential oils

Does not require heat or water to diffuse fragrance into the air

Nebulizing diffusers don’t dilute oils with water, maintaining the pure therapeutic benefits of the oil

Excellent for retail


Dimensions: 3.4" W x 6" H

Water reservoir capacity: No water needed. Essential oil bottle capacities: 5mL, 10mL, or 15mL

Diffuser type: Nebulizing

Mist output options: Low (5 mins ON / 10 mins OFF), High (5 mins ON / 5 mins OFF)

Runtime options: 1H, 2H, 5H

Coverage area / room size: 861 sq. ft.