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Sanitize Air & Surfaces with Cleanse UV Technology

Light is comprised of different wavelengths, each with their own unique properties. The germicidal properties of ultraviolet (UV) light can be used to effectively sanitize air, water, and surfaces. Exposure destroys the genetic material (DNA and RNA) in viruses, bacteria, and mold, preventing replication. Healthe has created two ways for your spa to benefit from this technology:

Room Scale UV Lighting

Repurpose your light fixtures for round-the-clock sanitation. Far UVC 222 light destroys bacteria and viruses in the air, but it shows no negative effects in humans, as it has a different wavelength than traditional UVC light.

UV Sanitation Gate

Perfect for high traffic or critical entry points, this Far UVC 222 portal effectively sanitizes your guests' clothing and personal belongings as they enter your business. It’s an effective first line of defense for any sanitation plan.

Learn about Far UVC 222 Safety

Far UVC 222 is safer than traditional UV light due to its lower wavelength. Learn about the difference and why it's an excellent option for passive sanitation.

Is Far UVC 222 Safe?

There are many different wavelengths within the broad UV spectrum, each with their own potential application and safety profile. Higher wavelengths like UVA and UVB can be hazardous to your health, but Far UVC 222 is safe for occupied indoor spaces and highly effective for inactivating bacteria and viruses.

How is Far UVC 222 Different from the UV Light in Standard Sterilizers?

Unlike the UV emitted in traditional sterilizers, Far UVC 222 is strong enough to inactivate viruses, but it’s not strong enough to penetrate the outer most layer of skin or the tear layer of the eyes. This makes continuous, passive sanitation measures like Far UVC 222 lights a safe, efficient option for your spa.

Other passive UV sanitation brands have higher UVC wavelengths, so they aren't meant to be used while the building is occupied. Healthe Cleanse UVC 222 can be used safely during your operating hours.

To get the most out of UV passive sanitation, invest in a brand that can offer continuous, effective sanitation, even when staff and clients are present.

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HealthE Cleanse Room Lighting

Sanitation Portal

Position the free-standing Cleanse Portal next to any high traffic or critical entry point to significantly reduce infection transmission rates.

Your guests simply step into the Cleanse Portal and make a slow 360 degree turn for a 20 second dosage of Far UVC 222. This will inactivate surface pathogens, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

The Cleanse Portal is ADA compliant.

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CLEANSE by HealthE Lighting

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