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Create a Near Me page for Exuviance Professional

If you want to be found localy for anything you need to build a page for it on your website. Our checklist gives spas and their web teams the resources they need to get the important parts right:

FrontEnd Checklist

These steps deal with the page elements that you and your customers will see.

  1. 1. Your Page’s URL:

  2. 2. Your title:
    Exuviance in [Your City]

  3. 3. Your subtitle:
    Professional Peels and Anti-Aging

  4. 4. Work these keywords into the body text of your page:
    “exuviance”, “exuviance peel”, “exuviance age reverse”, “exuviance eye cream”,“exuviance face wash”, “exuviance foundation”, “exuviance neck cream”, “exuviance performance peel, “exuviance performance peel ap25”, “exuviance products”, “exuviance purifying cleansing gel”, “exuviance retinol”, “exuviance skin care”, “exuviance super retinol concentrate”,.

Backend Checklist

This checklist addresses parts of the page that aren’t directly visible to visitors, but still play a major role in how Google views it. They can be accessed via your site’s Admin panel.

  1. 5. Your SEO Title:
    Exuviance Age-reversing Peel | [BUSINESS NAME]
  3. 6. Your Meta Description:
    Skin renewal starts with Exuviance! Target underlying skin care issues and reverse aging with a professional Exuviance peel at [BUSINESS NAME].

Moderate Difficulty

The backend portions of this process can be a bit tricky. We reccomend having your web expert perform these steps.

Advice from our CEO

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