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Skin Care That Goes Beneath the Surface

Exuviance Professional is available exclusively to licensed professionals through Universal Companies. Internationally recognized for its efficacy and clinically proven formulations, Exuviance Professional empowers estheticians to build strong partnerships with their clients through protocols and customizable take-home products that promote trust and results while driving revenue.

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*Proof of professional licensure is required. Please apply to become an Exuviance Professional expert:

Founded by the Creators of the First Glycolic Peel

More than 40 years ago, the physicians who discovered glycolic acid for the treatment of severe skin conditions founded Exuviance Professional. Their research established that AHAs are not only useful in addressing dermatological conditions, but also have potent anti-aging benefits due to their exfoliating, smoothing, and firming properties. This became the norm for treating aging skin. Today, glycolic acid remains the gold standard of anti-aging treatment in the skin care industry.

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Visit the Exuviance Professional Resource Center
for everything you need to grow your business

Ready-to-use Google Ads, social media posts, and more!

Why Offer Exuviance Professional?

Comprehensive take-home products allow clients to maintain skin between treatments

Education, training, support, and business tools drive revenue and increase client retention

Clinical studies guarantee highly stabilized and efficacious product formulations

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Exuviance Professional Resource Center

Exuviance Professional FAQs

How is Exuviance Professional different from other skin care lines?

Semi-precious stones communicate the Valeur Absolue philosophy of creation: Always put the best INSIDE the bottle. The stones shine from inside out and transform these perfumes into jewels that can be admired and touched every day. Additionally, the energy of the stones is thought to resonate with your own internal energy, allowing the harmonization of different physical, emotional, and mental spheres.

Why do I need to apply to offer Exuviance Professional?

Exuviance Professional skin care is exclusive to licensed professionals who can expertly advise and administer the product to their clients. In order to purchase it, you must verify a professional license number.

Can Exuviance Professional peels be safely layered?

Yes, and there are up to 5 options for different client situations or conditions. They can also be safely combined with other therapies, such as LED light and microdermabrasion. This empowers the esthetician to create the right treatments to meet their clients’ needs.

Can my clients incorporate Exuviance Professional into their daily skin care routine?

Absolutely! Exuviance Professional offers comprehensive take-home products that allow clients to maintain beautiful skin between professional treatments. After a service, promote trust and boost revenue by helping clients customize their skin care regimen.

I have seen Exuviance products at Ulta Beauty stores. Are they the same?

No. Exuviance Professional is sold only to professionals via Universal Companies and contains higher actives and unique ingredients and formulas.


From a deeply hydrating facial to a revitalizing pedicure, these targeted Exuviance Professional protocols feature clinically proven ingredients that ensure results.

Exuviance Professional has what you need to get your clients the results they want. Read More >

Skin Health Analysis Tool

Increase Retail Sales
Based on Analysis Results!

Easily analyze your clients’ skin health to the dermis level. This system magnifies the skin 50X, provides a detailed 3D rendering of its surface, and generates a detailed explanation of the results, including home care regimens.

Track Progress with Before & After Assessments

The storage database allows you to track your clients’ progress so you can show efficacy of your treatments. It comes preloaded with Exuviance Professional, Moor Spa, and Private Label Skin Care. You can add other product lines with an easy-to-use interface.

A Powerful Tool for the Modern Esthetician

Your How-To Merchandising Guide

Not sure how to stage your retail or track your success? Our merchandising experts put together a few ideas.

Read Article Now

Trend Report

According to Google Trends, “professional skin care” has remained a constant in searches over the last 15 years. While certain keywords such as “glycolic peel” have a high competition rate (meaning it’ll be harder to appear in search results), you can effectively use the treatment (e.g., spa peels) plus local spa keywords.


Web Tools

Use the web to attract new clients! Here are a few tools to get you started.

Turnkey Instagram Posts

Instagram provides a visual way to introduce clients to your spa treatments. Because this social media platform is based on photo and video sharing, it’s really nice for spas. If you already have an account or want to create one, we’ve got you covered with instructions, images, text, and hashtags–all packaged up in a zip file ready for you to use.

Create a Near Me Page

If you’ve ever searched locally for a product or service online, you’ve seen a Near Me page. Google and other search engines prioritize local providers, giving them higher visibility whenever people are searching for their products and services. Even for abstract searches such as “tea,” Google assumes that customers are looking for something local and allows that content to show up ahead of major e-commerce sites and even Wikipedia.

Creating a Near Me page will drive traffic to your spa! To learn how to set this up, read these instructions now.

Google Ads Keywords

Online advertising allows you to promote your spa services to people who are most likely interested in your spa treatments while filtering out those who aren't. And you can track if those people clicked your ads. This gives you the opportunity to reach potential clients via desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

We’ve done the research for you and gathered the keywords you’ll need. Just provide them to your Google Ads team. They can also apply them to your specific area and know the number of people searching for you to add frequency to the ads.

Download Keywords Now

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