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FREE Skin Analyzer System with leading edge facial 3-D rendering with your opening Moor Spa order of $3,500!

($1,490 value)

  • Analyze clients' skin health to the dermis level
  • Measure smoothness, moisture, texture, irritation, pores, and pigmentation
  • Capture and compare images; view a visual report for concerns
  • Improve retail sales by recommending home care products based on analysis results

Finance Your Moor Spa Opening Order
and Start Generating Income!

In addition to your Skin Analyzer, your opening order consists of professional and retail products worth $3,500 PLUS a treatment protocol and product knowledge guide that will enable you to offer treatments and home care products for every skin type and concern. Choose from 4 opening order options, customized to support the specific treatments needed by your clientele.

Financing your opening order can ease the strain on your business’s working capital by helping you to begin producing revenue that will offset your payments, without tapping into your available line of credit or cash reserves.

To qualify, you must have a FICO score of 630+, have two or more years in business as owner/operator, and have an active SOS or DBA filing. If your business has been in operation for less than two years, we may have other options available.

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