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Caring Words about Beauty and Self-Care from Mom!

UCo employees share some wisdom from their mothers and grandmothers when it comes to taking care of your skin, taking care of yourself, and having the best day ever.

...and here are some words from our camera-shy employees.

Karen S.

I do remember hearing these mantras:

“Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize” (your entire body!)

“Condition, condition, condition” (your hair)

Kristin D.

The best self-care/beauty tip my mom gave me is simply to always be myself and to do what makes me happy.



Kara M.

My mom taught me when washing my face, to always finish with a splash of cold water and always, always, always pat to dry.

John C.

I was told don't pull the razor down when shaving, use a beard trimmer. Another is that you're always supposed to go against gravity when applying product because it pulls the skin. When most guys shave, they violate that cardinal rule. I have a theory that's why older men who have shaved regularly most of their lives have jowls. All that constant pulling is like steroids for gravity.

Tessa K.

The top self-care tip from my mom was to rest. You must rest your body and mind to stay well. If you don’t prioritize rest your body will force you, through illness, to rest. Her mental self-care tip was to find a way to forgive every day – grudges are like allowing someone to live rent-free in your mind. When it came to a wellness tip she always asked, Can you walk there? No. Then ride your bike! My mom is from Denmark and she has always felt that movement was the cornerstone of wellness.

Anna B.

My mama is a bit of an earthy, natural chick and super minimalistic when it comes to beauty. She really conveyed to me the importance of taking time for self-care and a less is more approach with beauty. My mama, grandmother, and mamaw advised me to always apply sunscreen or wear a big hat, to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize, and to drink lots of water. But more than anything these incredible women instilled and exemplified for me their belief that if you take the time for self-care and beautification every day that you will look better and feel better so therefore you will be more confidant and want to do better for your family, your community, and your world.

Lisa S.

My grandmother was a model in the 1940s. (She was in Chesterfield cigarette ads but never smoked a day in her life.) In the ‘80s, when she noticed that I was tanning and wearing a lot of eye makeup, she gave me this stern advice:

1. Wear sunblock or carry an umbrella to protect your skin.

2. Always wear dark sunglasses when it’s sunny. Squinting causes wrinkles.

3. Only apply mascara to your top lashes to avoid tarantula eyes.

Dana C.

The best beauty tip I received from my mom is to always wash my face before bedtime. She taught me that not only is it important to wash away impurities from your skin each day, but it’s the equivalent to washing the day away, so you can start with a clean, fresh slate tomorrow.

Peter P.

My mother didn’t give out beauty advice to her 6 sons, but she did have some perspective on attitudes and how to get along with people. She always thought humor was a great way to make people feel comfortable, and to sometimes tell harsh truths in a less offensive way. Sneaky, mom!

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