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Body Support Systems Adjuster Caddy Set

Body Support Systems Adjuster Caddy Set


Body Support Systems

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Focus on the comfort of your clients with the Adjuster Caddy Set from Body Support Systems. This set includes a variety of bolsters and wedges to assist with the positioning and adjustment of the BodyCushion™ for all body types. The Adjuster Caddy Set can assist in the comfort of larger framed clients, provide support for pregnant women, position clients with specific health requirements, and more. Black. 5 lbs.
Adjuster Caddy Set includes:
– 2 large wedges to elevate the pelvis
– 2 rectangular adjusters to provide increased lumbar support
– 1 small wedge, useful for varying the position of the cervical spine
– 4 extenders that allow you to provide additional support in a side-lying position or to lengthen the BodyCushion for longer torsos
– Adjuster caddy bag holds all of the components of the Adjuster Caddy Set for convenient organization and mobility

Purpose and Benefits

Use to position pregnant clients or clients with larger frames, back problems, or neck problems.
Allows the therapist to position pregnant clients face down, adjust for larger framed clients and frame variations, comfortably support clients with specific positioning challenges and more.


Dimensions: 17" L x 12" W x 14" H
Warranty: 3-year vinyl warranty
Installed By: Universal (if setup is included with order) or Client