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Intrinsics at Home Cotton Wipes, 4x4, 100 ct

Intrinsics at Home Cotton Wipes, 4x4, 100 ct


Intrinsics at Home

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Intrinsics at Home essentials are a retail win-win! Your clients receive the texture, absorbency, and durability vital to proper product application and removal. You enjoy an easy upsell opportunity for all your skin care offerings. Packaged for retail, these premium facial supplies won’t shed or fray, just like the ones you trust for your services.

Gentle enough for face and body, these absorbent wipes offer a gripping texture, which is perfect for removing product from the skin. Made with ultra-soft, 100% pure cotton. Hypoallergenic. Dimensions: 4” x 4”. Available in 100-count, single or case of 20.

This product is available exclusively to you through UCo. Your clients cannot purchase these wipes through other retailers or on Amazon.

Features & Benefits

- Packaged for retail
- Gentle exfoliation
- Removing product from the skin
- Cleansing and exfoliating