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Lemi Aemotio Basic Multifunction Wet Table

Lemi Aemotio Basic Multifunction Wet Table



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The most revolutionary Spa equipment on the market. A multi-function treatment room that combines all the latest treatment technologies with a unique and modern design. The unit offers a wide range of treatment options, including hydrotherapy and peeling, slimming, toning, exfoliating and stress-relief sessions, relaxation, facials and much, much more. Vapojets provided a steam-like mist which can be amplified when the table is able to be used with 220v power. This version adds a steam generator for a more powerful, intense steam that can be used with the Steam Bath Kit.
Aemotio Basic: water, light and heat for countless wellness programs and exceptional aesthetic results.

Electric Height Adjustment
Durable Heated Polyurethane Water Mattress
Hand Held Shower for Targeted Micromassage
Vapojets create mist/steam experience

Optional Upgrades
Waterproof Headrest Pillow
Steam Bath Kit (when table can be 220v)

Dimension: 91" Long x 39" Wide x 60" Overall Height. Height Range: 27" - 35"
Electrical: 110v or Hard Wired 220v
Suggested Outlet: Hard Wired or GFCI
Plumbing: Hot Water, Cold Water, and Drain Connection Required (See Detailed Plumbing Specs)
Certification: CE and made with UL Certifed components , ISO 9001
Warranty: 10 yrs Motor and Controls, 2 yrs Water Mattress, 1 yrs Heater
Installed By: Customer's Contractor


LEM124 Aemotio Basic Sell Sheet