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Massage Table Warming Pad

Massage Table Warming Pad


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Pre-warm your massage table and relax your clients’ muscles from feet to shoulders. These warmers also allow you to maintain a lower room temperature for a cooler working environment while keeping clients comfortable and relaxed.

Features & Benefits

- Easy to use temperature control and timer
- 10 warming settings for personalized comfort
- Made in USA
- Removable cord so the pads can be washed
- Helps keep cold-natured guests warm during a treatment
- Work best when these are placed under a fleece pad for added padding
- Can be used with the Sposh Premium Waterproof Fitted Sheet (JL737)
- Works on flat or salon top tables
- Automatic 10-hour shut off for safety
- Cord is 12' from warmer to control, and 8" from control to plug
- Machine wash and dry
- ElectroWarmth warming system delivers consistent warmth and will safely shut down if ever used in an unsafe manner


Massage Table Warmer: 26" W x 67" L
Table Warming Pad: 24" W x 60" L
Electrical: 120V AC, 60 Hz, 2-prong plug
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Certifications: ETL

Wash Instructions

Wash-Do Not Dry Clean. Dry cleaning solvents will damage the warming pad wiring. Wash your warming pad, following all instructions carefully. Be sure to disconnect the control cord before washing.

Machine Wash
Fill washer with warm water and add minimum amount of All-purpose detergent.
Agitate to dissolve detergent.
Measure bedding before washing.
Add bedding and soak for 5 minutes.
Agitate for two minutes.
Fill with cool rinse and agitate for one minute.


Machine Dry
Do not use commercial dryers or dryers at your local laundromat.
Dry warmer in automatic dryer on high heat for five minutes only.
Remove warmer while still damp and gently block to original size and drape to finish drying.
Do not iron your bedding.


Do Not
Use bleach or dry-cleaning fluids.
Twist or wring vigorously.
Use a wringer.
Iron mattress pad.
Use mothballs or sprays.
Turn mattress pad “on” until it is completely dry.