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VitaJuwel Bodhi Charms Mala Necklace, Wellness

VitaJuwel Bodhi Charms Mala Necklace, Wellness



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The VitaJuwel Mala is a lovely piece of jewelry that can be worn around the neck or– thanks to its durable elastic string–looped multiple times around the wrist. The combination of 108 genuine gemstones, lava beads, and sterling silver creates a precious showpiece with a unique, magical aura. 

Amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, lava, and sterling silver form a wonderful piece of jewelry that’s also a powerful tool to work consciously on both spiritual and material intentions. 

Following VitaJuwel’s holistic approach, this necklace features a porous lava bead on the endpiece as a carrier for aromatherapy oils. Your guests can put a drop directly on the bead and wear it all day long. VitaJuwel also added sterling silver spacer beads between each gemstone bead to help your clients’ fingers move along the chain when meditating or mentally speaking intentions or prayers. 

Your clients don’t have to follow a certain belief to use mala beads as a tool to strengthen their minds. Repeating a positive intention or motivating phrase will support their focus on what’s important to them.