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VitaJuwel Sana Crystal Water Carafe, Cloud White without GemPod

VitaJuwel Sana Crystal Water Carafe, Cloud White without GemPod



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Crafted for elegance and functionality, the Sana Water Carafe is a must-have addition to your spa's retail collection. Its minimalist design and innovative features make it a standout product that promises to redefine the hydration experience for your clientele.

Sleek Design Meets Practicality

The Sana Carafe, adorned with a serene Flower of Life ornament embodies sophistication. Its lid design simplifies refilling and pouring, blending convenience with modern aesthetics, perfect for the discerning spa-goer.

Tailor-Made Hydration

Though the Sana Carafe is presented without a GemPod, it is designed to be fully compatible with VitaJuwel’s Via and Via Heat GemPods. This allows your customers to personalize their hydration experience, enhancing their water with the unique energies of selected gemstones.

Built for Durability and Style

Holding 25.3 fl. oz., the Sana Carafe is crafted for both durability and style. It's dishwasher safe for convenience, with hand washing recommended to maintain its pristine condition. This carafe is not just functional—it's a lifestyle statement.

A Premium Addition to Your Spa Retail

Offer your clients more than hydration; offer them an experience. The Sana Water Carafe is the perfect product for spas looking to elevate their retail space with items that speak to wellness, design, and personalized care.

Elevate your retail collection with the Sana Water Carafe and provide your clients with a sophisticated way to integrate hydration into their daily wellness ritual.