Spring Cosmetics: 6 Steps to a Flawless Foundation

Just as spring brings new life to nature and our spirits, it also brings a fresh look to makeup. Spring makeup trends are typically softer and more natural looking, leaning toward pastels and other light shades.

Offering touchups with seasonal cosmetics after services is easy and beneficial. Your client will appreciate being able to leave your spa looking her best, and you might be rewarded with a retail sale. It's also a great way to try out different foundation colors and formulas on your client, keeping in mind that these will be likely to change throughout the year or with different looks she may want to achieve. Here are 6 steps to help you lay a perfect foundation for each of your clients this spring.

How to Touch up Spring Cosmetics with the Right Foundation

1. Consider your client's skin type.

Many foundations today are multitaskers containing active ingredients to treat the skin. With many options, choosing the correct foundation can be a daunting task. To simplify, first consider your client's skin type: Is it oily, dry, normal, or combination? As the spa professional treating her skin, you're in an ideal position to make this determination. Oxygenetix® is great for clients with problem skin or who receive cosmetic procedures that require post-healing. This breathable foundation camouflages a wide variety of conditions such as scars, rosacea, dry skin, and rashes.

2. Find out what type of finish your client is seeking.

Does she prefer the finish to be matte, dewy, satin, or luminous? For example, a client with oily skin might want an oil-free formula that has a matte finish and full coverage. A matte finish will help reduce the shine normally associate with oily skin—especially in the T-zone—and provide full cover for imperfections.

  • Mirabella® CC Crème has a lightweight, yet full coverage formula that comes in four colors. It's packed with bamboo water to hydrate, rice extract to brighten, and acai berry to keep skin looking young, plus SPF 20 broad spectrum UVA / UVB protection.

3. Decide what type of formula would be best.

Liquid, mousse, or creme, or pressed or loose powder? Discuss this with your client, and ask about her favorite way to apply foundation, as this could be a deciding factor. Does she prefer to use her fingers, a brush, or a sponge? You can show her options using your professional spa makeup products and tools. Point out that all applicators should be thoroughly cleaned or sanitized before use.

  • Tinted moisturizers offer lighter coverage with sun protection for a more casual, natural look. With Control Corrective Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30, you don't have to be concerned with a perfect color match because self-adjusting pigments work with most skin tones.
  • Cailyn BB Fluid Touch Compact comes in a handy compact case to provide on the go convenience. This moisture-rich, multifunctional beauty cream is airy and weightless, gliding smoothly over the skin and leaving a dewy finish. It moisturizes, brightens, corrects, and conceals all at once!
  • If your client needs portability, look for refillable packaging that travels well. She can keep a flawless complexion at all times with Cailyn HD Pro Coverage Foundation. It comes in a compact with a mirror and brush, and the foundation can be refilled easily with a cartridge.

4. Color match the foundation.

The best place to test color is on the jaw. Test at least three colors by applying a stripe of each next to each other on the jawline. The color that seems to disappear will be the best match. Never try to change the color of your complexion with foundation; this will always result in an unnatural look.

5. Teach your client proper application techniques.

You might share these tips:

  • If the skin looks sallow or gray before moisturizing, then exfoliation is in order.
  • Never apply foundation to unmoisturized skin.
  • After moisturizing, remember SPF. If sun protection isn't included in the moisturizer or foundation, a sunscreen goes on next.
  • To smooth the surface of the skin and ensure a flawless finish, a foundation primer is the next step. This is especially important in humid weather or climates. (Some foundations include a primer.)
  • Discuss application technique according to her personal preference. However foundation is applied, remind her to blend, blend, blend. There should be no lines of demarcation, especially where the jaw meets the neck.

6. Make it last with face powder.

Once applied, foundation will last longer if it's set with a powder. Face powders can be translucent or come in shades. Both can be applied all over or just in the oily T-zone. Try Mirabella Perfecting Powder.

If your client needs further color correction, try a tinted powder to correct areas that need it. Cailyn HD Finishing Powder is available in 3 colors: Misty Green corrects a red or ruddy complexion; Pink corrects dark circles and imperfections (especially around the eyes); and Yellow cancels blue tones.

A flawless foundation is the first step toward ensuring what follows will go on more smoothly and last longer. Once you have the foundation set, then you and your client are ready to move on to the cheeks, eyes, and lips.

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