Q&A with a Waxing Professional

By Anita Lumpkin, Director of Education, Universal Companies

That’s right—it’s almost waxing season! It won’t be long before swimsuits and shorts will be in full effect, which means your waxing business should be, too. Waxing and hair removal are some of the most profitable services that an esthetician can offer. However, professional waxing treatments should be more than just hair removal; it should be a spa service that clients look forward to receiving.

I recently traveled to Zenii by Inez in West Hollywood, California to ask an expert waxing professional, Inez Laval, a few questions about performing professional waxing treatments. Here’s what she said:

Q: Is there one wax you would recommend for face and body waxing or do you recommend a separate wax for face and another for body? If so, why? 

A:  Plum Smooth Plum Pearls can be used on face and body; however, I do recommend carrying both a soft and a hard wax because it gives the esthetician the ability to customize the waxing service.

Q: Which is the best option for sensitive skin? Does it really make a difference? 

A: For the body, there are different schools of thought on this topic. A lot of “sensitive” formula hard waxes don’t pull the hair as well as a pliable all-purpose wax. Plum Smooth Plum Pearls are formulated for all skin types, but it has a thick, creamy consistency that makes it ideal for sensitive and mature skin. I can pull the hair on a single pass. It creates the perfect “lip” for waxing, making it super easy to remove.  It truly is an all-purpose wax—it can even be used without trimming first. As for facial waxing, I prefer the Naturelle-Vous because there are no dyes or fragrance in the formula. It can be used on even the most sensitive skin types.

Q: What are the ideal supplies to support face and body waxing?


A.    2 Temperature Adjustable Wax Warmers (one for hard wax, one for soft wax) 

B.    5.5" to 6" Wooden Wax Applicators for body waxing

C.    4.5" Narrow Wooden Wax Applicators for facial application

D.    Prep Cleanser

E.    Prep Oil

F.    Cleansing Wipes (for the client)

G.    Slanted Tip Tweezers

H.    Pellon Strips or Pellon Roll

I.      Small Scissors (to have on hand to trim the pellon)

J.     Wax Warmer Collars to protect the warmer

K.    Empty Waxing Tin for the beaded wax

L.     Wax Solvent to clean the wax warmer, table, trolley, etc.

M.   Disinfectant System (such as Ultronics or Barbicide) for tweezers

Q:  What makes your waxing services stand out from the competition?

A: Trust! My clients trust me and I have a loyal following because of this level of trust. Since the bulk of my business is Brazilian, a first time client doesn’t always know what to expect. I explain that each waxing service is customized to make the experience comfortable. I also send my clients home with a sugar scrub and Plum Perfect Hair Minimizing Lotion in small sample containers. I explain the importance of self care and maintenance. I truly believe that a good waxing service can change a person’s day for the good!

Inez loves using the Plum Smooth Waxing Line because it’s economical, effective, easy to use, and contains skin-nourishing plum seed oil.

Anita Lumpkin is the director of education for Universal Companies. She works at the Wellness & Beauty Learning Center in Torrance, California, where she offers fun, unique classes that cover a wide range of topics, including business and professional skills; advanced technique training for estheticians, massage therapists, and nail technicians; and protocol-centered workshops for on-trend services. Anita enjoys developing spa treatment protocols and helping spas create their service menus. She’s passionate about teaching and helping spa professionals boost their businesses.

Universal Companies is proud to offer professional training and advanced education at our Wellness & Beauty Learning Center. Our customers can also take a class or read our articles online, where they can also shop the broadest selection of spa products and supplies. Dedicated to the success of spa professionals everywhere, we’re grateful to be recognized with the American Spa Magazine Professional’s Choice Award, Favorite Distributor of the Yearfor 13 consecutive years. (Thank you!)

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